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U.S. House & Senate Candidates




  • James made it through the March 3 primary with 40.3% of the vote and won the run-off on July 14. Visit his website to see the number and scope of the issues listed. That, combined with his impressive military career adding to his electability, and the fact that he could flip a traditionally Republican seat earned our endorsement. Watch the linked video to hear James' reaction to the run-off. Visit his website at


  • Al is a commercial fisherman, an orthopedic surgeon, and a lifelong Alaskan. Al learned about the importance and work of public service from his parents at a young age. His father was Attorney General for Governor Jay Hammond. His mother was the first Executive Director of the United Fishermen of Alaska and founded the League of Women Voters Alaska. They instilled the strong Alaskan convictions – toughness, resilience, and independence - he finds are too rarely seen in politics and government these days. Unfortunately, Al's stand on healthcare echoes many specialized physicians' - he believes the public option lie. But his stances on the environment, education, worker's rights, and getting the money out of politics are excellent and he is pro-choice. Watch the breathtaking linked video and tell me you don't hope THAT guy gets to the Senate! His website is

  • Alyse is an Independent running to defeat Republican Don Young. By her own admission, she grew up "in a diverse Alaskan family of builders, butchers, bankers, mechanics, misfits and outlaws..[that ] struggled with addiction, mental illness, and abuse," but she was determined to break that cycle. She worked her way through earning a degree in political science from the University of California San Diego and then returned to Alaska to use that education and her lived experience to improve education and other community issues. Go to her website to learn more about her ideas, especially her explanation of the "Nuka" healthcare program that has worked in areas of Alaska! Watch the linked video to see what she values most.


  • Mark is a retired U.S. Navy combat pilot, engineer, and NASA astronaut, having spent more than 50 days in space, and has lived on the International Space Station. In addition, he has survived cancer and helped his wife, former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, recover from a gunshot wound, making healthcare and gun safety issues of personal importance to him. We were impressed by the skills he learned in space - as he says, "Unlike the federal government, the International Space Station can’t just shut down when people don’t get along. And when you’re orbiting the Earth at 25 times the speed of sound and bad stuff starts to happen, you have to work the problem as a team, and you can’t dismiss ideas based on the politics of the person offering them." We need that kind of wisdom as we continue to fight the coronavirus! Watch the linked video and then go to his website to learn more about what he stands for.

  • Representative Grijalva is a quiet warrior, but watch him talk about theU.S. Postal Service in the linked video. You can see more at his YouTube channel. With his chairmanship of the Natural Resources Committee he's fighting the climate crisis. Visit his campaign website at His Congressional website is



    DAN WHITFIELD AR SENATEDan is running as an Independent for the Senate against Republican Tom Cotton. Because the Democratic primary was cancelled, Dan's Independent designation got him on the Nov. 3 ballot. He is another new candidate with honesty, authenticity, and vision for the future. His website is and I highly recommend you keep scrolling and see the scope of his issues.

  • Celeste is a nurse practitioner running as a Democrat in a red state so she will probably never say the words we want to hear about Healthcare for All, but it's clear that she fully understands the dysfunction of our current system. Watch the linked video and visit her website


  • Growing up on a farm, agriculture is Audrey's passion. She earned a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Agricultural Education from California State University, Chico and has worked on agricultural projects here and abroad. Today, Audrey is in her fourth year as a Senior Learning Designer at Vivayic, designing learning strategy and curriculum for worldwide agricultural companies and nonprofits. Watch the linked video - you'll know why we endorsed her. Visit her website to learn more!

  • Congratulations to Representative Huffman for his primary win! He may not be the strongest advocate for H4A, but he is a bulldog when it comes to the environment! Watch the linked video of his grilling of Daniel Jorjani, the Principal Deputy Solicitor of the Department of the Interior. His campaign website,, is old, but you can visit his FB page at His Congressional website is

  • Running in a strong Republican district, Chris shifted to the right a bit when incumbent Republican Paul Cook decided not to run again. We congratulate her for making it through the primary. She'll have a good chance to flip the seat!
    It was the linked video launching her campaign that grabbed us. It's our hope that her position on the ACA will evolve, and that her more Progressive concerns about the environment, immigration, reproductive choice, and more will serve her well. Check out her website.

  • Shahid won second place in the CA primary in his challenge to Nancy Pelosi. This is his second run at Pelosi and he brings many talents and diverse experience to the table against the multi-millionaire who can retire to her gourmet ice cream. Since graduating from Stanford Law School in 2003, Shahid has worked in both San Francisco and Washington as a legal advocate, a non-profit leader, a grassroots activist (we definitely think he's a TREEROOTS organizer}, as well as a poet and musician. In addition to LGBTQ rights, privacy, and the right to encryption, Shahid’s work has also advanced immigrant rights, campaign finance reform, government transparency, international human rights, and police accountability. Watch the linked video to see Shahid's position on housing rights and then go to his website,, and sign up to volunteer or get the money flooding in!


    CONGRESSMAN ERIC SWAWELL CA-15Representative Swalwell was right to withdraw from the presidential race - his excellent work on the Judiciary Committee and the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence is exemplified by the way he goes after Corey Lewandowski in the video here We look forward to more since he ran unopposed in the primary! His campaign website is and his Congressional website is


    CONGRESSMAN RO KHANNA CA-17Always a winner in our book, we're cheering his primary victory. He is a champion for Healthcare for All, a leader in the Progressive Caucus and was a true (as opposed to transient) ally to Bernie. Watch Ro's great floor speech on Healthcare for All here He got our endorsement in 2018 and will continue to get it! We trust him to carry on Bernie's vision as Republicans and establishment Democrats continue to try to eradicate it. We would love to see him as Speaker of the House! His campaign website is: and his Congressional website:

  • Phil is one of 2020's courageous candidates challenging one of the most heinous Republican Trump Puppets - Devin Nunes. A Fresno native, he was raised by his single mother who worked long hours to make sure her children had the opportunity to get ahead. He was the first in his family to attend college, working minimum wage jobs to pay his own way through Fresno State. Today, Phil runs his own small business in financial services. He’s a fixture in the local civic community through organizations like the Central California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and as chairman of Fresno’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, he’s always willing to go the extra mile for his community. Phil has come up with a creative way to counter Nunes' absurd lawsuits against his own constituents. Watch the linked video to see why you should vote for Phil. Go to his website to learn that defeating Nunes isn't his only plan!

  • Congratulations to Representative Barragan on her primary win! We've been impressed with her tenacious work on the Energy & Commerce Committee and on Homeland Security. Watch the linked video to see her take down Kirstjen Nielsen. Her campaign website is: and her Congressional website:

  • Representative Porter is another incumbent candidate who we missed endorsing in 2018, but certainly won't miss this time around! I doubt that anyone would've predicted that this "coupon-clipping, mini-van driver" would turn out to be the most feared whiteboard-wielding interrogator of CEOs testifying in a Financial Services Committee hearing. Watch the linked video to see her "doing the math" with JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon and he still doesn't get it. I recommend you go to C-SPAN's channel on YouTube and search for her - there are plenty more like this! Her campaign website is; her government website is


    CONGRESSMAN HARLEY ROUDA CA-48Rep. Rouda's won the top spot in his primary and is on the ballot in November. We are glad to endorse him and sorry we missed putting him on this page earlier. We have been impressed by his bi-partisan work on the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, as well as the Oversight Committee. Watch the linked video to see his questioning of the panel about the intersection of infrastructure and the climate crisis. His website is Volunteer, donate and let's keep him working on the issues we care about! His government website is

  • We endorsed Ammar in 2018 when voters were stupid enough to re-elect indicted Duncan Hunter. This time, Hunter's guilty plea on 12/3 should be enough to boost Ammar to victory. He won 35.9% of the vote to incumbent Republican Darrell Issa's 23.8%. We're declaring him the winner of the top spot with Issa in the second! Watch the linked video of news coverage of his victory.
    Visit his website to learn about his positions and more! He bills himself as a moderate, but we believe he has some progressive leanings. In any case, he has a real chance to flip a Republican seat against Issa who isn't from the district and has some political baggage of his own.

  • Georgette is running to fill the retiring Susan Davis' seat and is on the ballot for the general election. A first-generation Mexican-American, Georgette was born to working class immigrant parents and grew up in San Diego’s Barrio Logan community. She earned a BA San Diego State University and holds a BA in Environmental and Natural Resource Geography from San Diego State. A longtime community organizer, Georgette is a former associate director of the Environmental Health Coalition, leading the Toxic Free Neighborhoods Campaign to protect kids from lead paint and keep polluting industries out of residential communities. Earlier in her career, Georgette worked as a victims’ advocate for survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Her activism led her to become the first LGBTQ Latina elected San Diego City Council President, where she succeeded in expanding affordable housing, strengthening protections for low-income renters, leading implementation of the city’s landmark Climate Action Plan and delivering millions in new funding for community priorities. Watch the linked video and hear her and her supporters speak. Georgette, like Bernie, reminds us of how important a hug can be. Visit her website - to learn more, volunteer, and donate!


  • We endorsed Joe in 2018 and proudly endorse him now. He is the son of parents who fled Eritrea, a war-torn country in East-Africa, and immigrated to the U.S. as refugees, becoming naturalized citizens. Joe’s parents never took for granted the freedom and opportunities the U.S. gave their family. Their experience motivated Joe to be an active participant in democracy and to give back through public service. Prior to being elected to Congress, Joe served as an attorney, civic leader, and public official who spent his career fighting to expand opportunities for families across Colorado. Before becoming a Congressman, Joe co-founded New Era Colorado, the state’s largest youth voter registration and mobilization non-profit in Colorado. The organization has since registered over 150,000 young people to vote across the state, secured successful passage of progressive legislation at the state level, and has led the fight locally against climate change. Joe is the first African American elected to serve in Congress in Colorado history and he serves as a Vice-Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, is a Vice-Chair of the Medicare for All Caucus, and was elected by his peers to be the Freshman Co-Representative to Leadership. Watch the linked video to see one of the reasons he got our endorsement. His campaign website is and his government website is

  • Jillian is running to "flip the fifth" and unseat Republican Doug Lamborn. She describes herself as a "Coupon clipping, solar-powered millennial mom of two gorgeous daughters," but she's more than that. Watch the linked video to hear about her experience as a midwife and healthcare advocate.
    Her website is:


  • Rosa is the daughter of parents who both served as New Haven aldermen - her father Ted was known as the “Mayor of Wooster Square. and her mother Luisa became the longest-serving member of the New Haven Board of Aldermen. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Rosa has served as the first Executive Director of EMILY’S List, as Executive Director of Countdown ‘87, the national campaign that stopped U.S. military aid to the Nicaraguan Contras, and then as Chief of Staff to Senator Christopher Dodd. In 1990, Rosa was elected to the House of Representatives and has served Connecticut’s 3rd District ever since. IMHO, Rosa is the Queen of Fashion, Glasses, Hair, and Footwear and I applaud her daring individual style! Watch the linked video to see her prove that there's a pit bull underneath the "look!" Currently, Rosa is Chair of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education and serves on the subcommittee responsible for FDA and agriculture, which oversees drug and food safety. She is Dean of her delegation and a founding member of the Progressive Caucus. She is the lead sponsor of H.R.2452, the Medicare for America Act. While it's not a Healthcare for All single-payer bill as H.R. 1384 is, we believe it's the most acceptable first step toward achieving that goal. Her website is and her government website is

  • In her first term, Jahana has proven to be a true fighter for her constituents. A former teacher, education is an issue she's particularly passionate about. Unfortunately, her website has no About or Issues pages, but you can see recent news on her Facebook page Watch the linked video for her fierce questioning of Betsy DeVos and you can see some of her best moments in Congress at Her Congressional website is Volunteer. donate, and VOTE for Jahana on August 11!


  • Dana is running for the first time to unseat Republican Daniel Webster. She must be doing something right since a Republican PAC has targeted her for negative ads. Their money may go to waste since Dana is not a politician so "oppo research" probably won't find any scandals to latch on to unless they make them up. Dana graduated from the University of South Florida with an undergraduate degree in education, and a graduate degree in library and information science. She knows well the struggles teachers go through as she has taught in Hernando County for twelve years, and overseas for the Department of Defense Dependent Schools for thirteen years. Watch the linked video of one of her voters who not only has fun hair, but also speaks the truth, especially now. Please go to her website where you can see her full resume and volunteer or donate! Help her flip another seat!!


  • After losing his Congressional race by 3% in 2018, Jon is now challenging Senator David Perdue after winning the primary. Jon is a native Georgian, investigative journalist, media executive, and politician. His time in Washington as a national security staffer and aide to Rep. Hank Johnson for five years inspired him to fight corruption and injustice and he left Johnson's office in 2012 to earn a master's degree at the London School of Economics. Since 2013, Jon has been managing partner and CEO of Insight TWI, a small business based in the UK, which produces investigations targeting corrupt officials and organized crime for international news organizations. His company has produced internationally broadcast investigations of such topics as extrajudicial killings by security forces in several countries; the West African Ebola outbreak; money laundering and bribery; and high-level corruption in international sports. Who better to "drain the swamp? W atch the linked video to see his anti-corruption ad. Go to his website - to see his launch video. Then volunteer, donate, and VOTE for him so he can help Democrats take back the Senate!

  • Carolyn won her primary by almost 53% and will face first-timer Rich McCormick in November. Incumbent Republican Rob Woodall chose not to run in 2020. We'll add more about Carolyn, but in the meantime, visit her website Watch the linked video to see why we endorsed her!


    Tabitha is running for the second time to unseat Republican Jody Hice. We missed her in 2018 but are excited to endorse her now, especially because healthcare is both professional and personal for her. Born in Washington County, Georgia to a working-class family with parents who, like many in the 10th District, struggled to choose between paying a light bill, buying groceries, or paying for overpriced prescription medicine. Tabitha has a B.S. in Psychology from Georgia Southern University and Associate's degrees in Nursing and Health Information Technology from Middle Georgia College and Ultimate Medical Academy. As a registered nurse, Tabitha has witnessed the dysfunction of our healthcare system from providers' and patients' points of view. It was her personal experience with her husband's serious brain tumor and their $500,000 medical debt that impassioned her advocacy. She also invested that passion in creating her own business of providing transportation for patients in rural, underserved areas. Healthcare isn't her only concern, however. Visit her website at to find out more and volunteer, donate, and VOTE for Tabitha on November 3!


  • Kai has an impressive record in Hawaii's state government. He currently serves as the Majority Floor Leader of the Hawaiʻi State Senate and Chairman of the Senate Committee on Water and Land. Kai is also an 18-year veteran, pilot and commissioned officer in the Hawai'ian Air National Guard, United States Air Force where he continues to serve as a Lt. Colonel with the 201st Air Operations Group. Watch the linked video to hear about his ideas for higher education and please visit his website's extensive Priorities page at Volunteer, donate and VOTE for Kai on August 8th!


  • Congratulations to Marie for being the winner against DINO (anti- choice, homophobic, misogynistic) Dan Lipinski. She was one of the first victims of DCCC Chair Cheri Bustos' strategy to squelch new Progressive candidates, but she wasn't deterred! Marie has shifted a bit to the Left, which we welcome, but she prioritizes the needs of her district above ideology. Watch the linked video to hear her positions on the issues. Marie's website is

  • I have observed Chuy Garcia's political career since he served as Alderman for the Little Village area where the HIV/AIDS agency where I worked was located; I voted for him in the first-ever run-off election for Mayor that resulted in the second term of Rahm Emmanuel - Chuy lost by 10 points; and I was thrilled when Luis Gutierrez decided to pass the baton to Chuy when he chose to retire to help the people of Puerto Rico. DUH enthusiastically endorsed Chuy in 2018 and now we congratulate him for his primary victory and continued good work in the House!

    Watch the linked video of Chuy nailing big bank CEOs in a Financial Services Committee hearing. Be sure to visit his website at!
    His Congressional website is

  • Dani comes from generations of warriors on her father's side and a grandmother who immigrated from Scotland and married an orphan who lived most of his youth on the streets of Chicago. As she says, her people have GRIT. Dani won her primary and will try to unseat Republican Adam Kinzinger in November - never having held elected office, she will no doubt put that grit to good use, and she's obviously not afraid of hard work! Unfortunately, we couldn't find a video, but if you click on her photo, it will take you to a radio interview where you can hear about her positions and strategy to win. We hope DUH's endorsement helps! Go to her website too - - volunteer, donate, and VOTE for Dani in November!


  • Andy won his primary in a landslide and will now face Republican incumbent Trey Hollingsworth. Watch the linked audio to hear that Andy is a man of many talents! More info about Andy will be added, but until then, visit his website and elect "a Hoosier in the House!"



    THERESA GREENFIELD IA SENATETheresa won her primary and has a good chance of beating Joni Ernst. Theresa grew up on a family farm, where her father encouraged his daughters to do everything the boys did on the Greenfield farm, and at 16, Theresa and her sister began helping with the family crop-dusting business. When the farm crisis of the 1980s hit rural families, she didn't give up on her dream to go to college and with working multiple part-time jobs and some financial aid, she put herself through school. As Theresa and her husband were expecting their second child, he was killed in an accident at his job as a union electrical worker. As a young widow and single mom, one of the things that helped Theresa’s family stay out of poverty was Social Security survivor benefits, and she’s committed to protecting Social Security against partisan attacks in Washington. Theresa worked as an urban planner and has owned and worked in a small real estate and development business in Iowa. Though her position on health care is not as progressive as we'd like - she has bought into the myth of a public option - she understands that the current senator does not bring anything beneficial to the hardships and needs of her constituency. As the photo shows, Theresa is a good campaigner!

  • This is JD's second run at the racist extremist Republican Steve King, A fifth-generation Iowan, JD embodies the best of Iowa values. Growing up in Sioux City, J.D.’s father coached baseball at Morningside College and his mother worked in public health. In his launch video you can see the result of good home cooking, baseball, and church on Sunday. As a student-athlete at Sioux City’s East High School, and then at Morningside College, J.D. emphasized both academics and athletics, making the Dean’s List and earning first-team academic all-conference. After turning down a chance to get drafted in the 2001 MLB draft, J.D. transferred to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where he would lead the College World Series-bound team in Earned Run Average while earning academic all-conference. After college, J.D. pursued a professional baseball career, playing in Canada, Europe, and for the Sioux City Explorers for four seasons. Between baseball seasons, J.D. began a career as a litigation paralegal, specializing in Intellectual Property and trials law. He found his true passion in helping others through pro-bono work. Visit his website at Watch the linked video to hear him speak about our food supply.


  • Antoine is a man of many talents - he is a musician, actor, writer and lover of the arts. That and a desire to use his degree in Child and Family Services to give back to his community inspired him to establish Better Boys Initiative, Inc., a nonprofit organization that uses the arts to develop character and bolster self-esteem among minority and underserved young men. Watch the linked video to hear his story. Please visit his website to learn more!

  • We endorsed Ryan in 2018 and are happy to endorse him again. More will be added but watch the linked video to see Ryan's positions on four issues and then visit his website to volunteer and donate. Louisiana's primary is the same day as the general election so VOTE for Ryan!


  • Lisa is running as an Independent and we're sure her fellow Maine Senate Independent Angus King, as well as Bernie, would welcome her! We had formerly endorsed progressive Democrat Betsy Sweet and mourn her loss to establishment Dem Sara Gideon so we were happy to hear of Lisa's campaign. Lisa is a teacher, organizer and grandmother from Solon, Maine who has spent decades fighting for people, planet and peace. She is proudly independent from the bipartisan establishment that’s bought and paid for by Wall Street, war contractors, fossil fuel giants, and big Pharma. As a member of Maine's Green Independent Party, neither Lisa nor the party accepts money or support of any kind from lobbyists, big corporate executives or super PACs. We love that single-payer healthcare is her first priority and also that she envisions the Green New Deal as a way to repair much of the damage wrought on the environment and the injustice that affects Mainers and Americans in general. Watch the 8-minute linked video to hear Lisa talk about her campaign and, especially satisfying, she obviously GETS that the first immigrants to this country wasted their chance to learn from the indigenous people who welcomed them. Go to her website - - to learn more and to help her become another winner who topples the establishment parties!


    CONGRESSMAN JARED GOLDEN ME-2We missed endorsing Jared in 2018, but are glad to endorse him now. After the September 11th attacks, he enlisted in the Marine Corps infantry and served combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. After returning home, Jared used his veterans’ benefits to attend Bates College. His career then turned toward politics and Jared was elected to represent Lewiston in the Maine House of Representatives in 2014, and in 2016, was chosen by his peers to serve as the Democratic Assistant Majority Leader. Jared defeated Republican Bruce Poliquin in 2018, helping Democrats to win the House. Though his stance on healthcare would normally disqualify him from our endorsement, his integrity impressed us, as well as his strong position on ending Citizens United and campaign funding reform. His website is and his Congressional website is


  • A lifelong resident of Maryland, John has served the 3rd District for 13 years and we think he should continue his work there. Before he was elected to Congress, John worked in the Maryland State Department of Education to improve Maryland's school system. As an attorney, he represented doctors, hospitals and other health care providers to build a high-quality health care system, as well as working with organizations like the Public Justice Center to protect the environment and ensure equality and opportunity for all Marylanders. John has been a co-sponsor of Medicare for All bills since it was the Expanded & Improved Medicare for All, as well as a fighter for the environment, civil rights, and other progressive issues. The linked video is about getting the money out of politics. John won his primary on June 2nd, but go to his campaign website to learn more and vote for John in November! His government website:

  • Jamie was a freshman in the 115th Congress and was re-elected to the 116th. He is a graduate of Harvard University and Harvard Law School. Before he was elected to Congress, Jamie was a three-term State Senator in Maryland, where he also served as the Senate Majority Whip. He quickly earned a reputation for building coalitions in Annapolis, and delivered a series of landmark legislative accomplishments. He was also a professor of constitutional law at American University’s Washington College of Law for more than 25 years. He's authored several books, including the Washington Post best-seller Overruling Democracy: The Supreme Court versus the American People and the highly-acclaimed We the Students: Supreme Court Cases For and About America’s Students. Watch Jamie enumerate the damage Trump has done in the linked video. His passion and fearless speaking of truth is why he will always have our vote! Visit his website at to learn more and see the best home page photo we've seen in a long time! His Congressional website is Vote to send him back to Congress to continue his good work.


  • In what could be the most closely watched primary between an incumbent and an establishment House member, Ed is defending his Senate seat from Establishment Dem Joe Kennedy III. Ed served 18 terms in the House (to Joe's 2.5) before moving up to the Senate in 2013. He is just more proof that the DNC is dead set on defeating Progressives - they tried to do it with the Squad and I'm sure they thought a Kennedy could never lose, especially when challenging a progressive who is facing his first re-election. Fortunately for Ed, THIS Kennedy has neither the experience nor the speaking skill of his great-uncle JFK or the consistency of Ed Markey. We'll add more about Ed, but in the meantime, go to his website and volunteer or DONATE. Watch the linked video and VOTE for Ed on September 1!

  • Jim has been into politics since he earned his Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Public Administration degrees from The American University, working his way through college by serving as an aide in the office of U.S. Senator George McGovern. He went on to manage Senator McGovern’s 1984 Presidential campaign in Massachusetts, and delivered his nomination speech during the 1984 Democratic National Convention in San Francisco. Jim spent 14 years working as a senior aide for the late U.S. Representative John Joseph Moakley. In 1989, Moakley tapped him to lead the investigation into the murders of six Jesuit priests, their housekeeper and her daughter in El Salvador. The investigation ultimately led to a seminal change in U.S. foreign policy towards El Salvador and Jim’s time in El Salvador strengthened his personal and political beliefs. Jim has earned a national reputation as a tireless advocate for his district and as a champion for food security, human rights, campaign finance reform, social justice and peace. As Chairman of the Rules Committee, he is also a quiet warrior, as evidenced by the reverence he demonstrated to Ady Barkan when opening a Rules Committee hearing on Healthcare for All. Watch the linked video to hear him speak through his mask about the COVID-19 relief bills. Go to his website to learn more and VOTE for him on September1!

  • We missed Rep. Pressly in 2018, having endorsed someone else too early. We will not make the same mistake this year because she has proven herself to be just the kind of truthful warrior we need. This is also reflected in her personal and inspiring choice to embrace her own truth about her alopecia. We not only applaud her courage, but we think she's even more awesome without her hair! Her work in Congress has been fierce - you can watch her eviscerate Ben Carson in the linked video and learn about her first year as a Congresswoman at her website,


  • Jon is running to flip the seat currently occupied by Republican Fred Upton. Jon comes from a family of educators, both parents were university professors and administrators and many family members are teachers. His parents taught Jon the values of serving his community, being there for family, working hard, having access to good education, and doing the right thing. He took those values out into the world when he was elected five years ago to serve as State Representative representing over 90,000 people, he learned that it’s important to prioritize listening to the needs of the community. As a small business owner, Jon experienced the pressure of making a payroll and providing healthcare. He worked hard to give a voice to equality organizations, labor groups, women’s rights organizations, and environmental causes. Serving on the Appropriations Committee that builds Michigan’s budget, Jon has fought to prioritize investments in things that help people – like healthcare, good schools, infrastructure, and clean water and a clean environment. Watch the linked video to hear his views on the environment and go to his website Volunteer, donate, and VOTE for Jon!

  • Elissa is another incumbent who flew under our radar in 2018 but who caught our eye in committee hearings, earning our endorsement this time around. Elissa is a third-generation Michigander and spent her early life on a working farm in Holly, Michigan where she currently lives today. The values of hard work, decency, and integrity that she learned from her family ultimately guided her into a life of service. The 9/11 attacks occurred during her first week of graduate school in New York City, and Elissa decided that she wanted to work in national security. She was recruited by the CIA to serve as a Middle East analyst, and served three tours in Iraq which led to neing part of George W Bush's national security team and she was asked to stay on when President Obama took office. She took on a series of leadership roles at the Defense Department, and oversaw defense policy for Africa, the Middle East, and Europe at the Pentagon as the acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs. Watch the linked video of Elissa questioning Kirstjen Nielson about border security. Visit her website and volunteer, donate, and VOTE to keep Elissa doing her great work! Her government website is,gov

  • Congressman Levin was onr of our endorsees in 2018 and he has proven, in his first term, to deserve it again. His position on healthcare is personal, having dealt with the medical needs of his two sons. He has also been a strong supporter of public education while serving on the Education & Labor Committee - Watch the linked video to hear his grilling of Betsy DeVos on the issues of student loan debt collection from those defrauded by their colleges.
    He's also strong on the environment being a former green energy entrepreneur and state workforce officer, and with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez they introduced the Electric Vehicle (EV) Freedom Act, a bill "that will create good-paying jobs nationwide, electrify America’s highway system and take necessary steps to combat climate change." Visit his website (same as in 2018) at His government website is

  • Not one to toot her own horn, people know Debbie as "John Dingell's wife," but hardly ever know the activism and experience she brought to Congress after winning the seat her husband had held. Debbie’s activism started at a young age in her passion for issues important to women and children. She is a founder and past chair of the National Women’s Health Resource Center and the Children’s Inn at the National Institutes of Health. A lifelong advocate for young people, Debbie chaired the Michigan Infant Mortality Task Force that reduced infant mortality rates in the state, in addition to serving as Co-Chair of the Children’s Leadership Council, a business-led advocacy group that promotes investment in early childhood education. In her professional career, Debbie was an executive at General Motors before continuing her dedication to supporting charitable causes as President of the GM Foundation. Watch the linked video to see how she carried on for her husband with dignity when Trump insulted them both at a rally, proving his cruelty and classlessness. Visit her website!

  • We missed endorsing Rashida in 2018 but aren't about to make that mistake again! If you don't already know her story, she is the eldest of 14 children born to working-class Palestinian immigrants in Detroit. Rashida came to Congress already made famous by the mainstream press and social media for her "impeach the motherfucker" remark. But some of us loved her for that and for her passion, be it expressed through anger or tears. Her work on the Oversight & Reform and Financial Services Committees has been fantastic and her questioning of the panel at a hearing on white supremacy was rivetingly powerful. Watch the linked video, not because she "got emotional" (media code for "watch her cry"), but because she was speaking from her own experience. Go to her website at Her government website is


  • Ilhan was one of our stars in 2018 and we are pleased to endorse her again with hope that the bigots and xenophobes within and outside of Congress will stop trying to scare her away. Her work on the Foreign Affairs Committee in the linked video is emblematic of her power and growth in her freshman year. Her government website is and her campaign website is - make sure she can continue her good work and volunteer, donate, and VOTE for her on August 11 AND in November!


  • Antonia is running proudly as a Democratic Socialist with a commitment to educating her prospective constituents about the difference between Socialism and DEMOCRATIC Socialism and she has compelling personal proof. She also is a strong supporter of Healthcare for All, having had her life saved by the British National Health Service. Antonia is, I suspect, a lifetime overachiever. She received her B.S. in Cell & Molecular Biology and Computer Science from the University of Michigan in 2003, her M.A. in European and Eurasian Studies with a concentration in Itternational Economics from George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs in 2004, and her J.D. from the University of Michigan in December 2007, where she was the recipient of a Darrow Scholarship. She joined the faculty of the University of Mississippi Law School in 2013 as Assistant Professor of Law, teaching International Trade Law, International Investment Law, Contracts, EU Law, the Law of Armed Conflict and Law and Science Fiction, and her research focuses on international trade law, particularly issues relating to sustainable development, trade facilitation and the environment. Watch the linked video to see that she's enthusiastic as well as knowledgable! We only wish she could teach Trump a few things!


  • Cori's 2018 loss was heartbreaking and we're so happy to endorse her again in 2020. She has learned from her first campaign and now has a better chance, we believe, of unseating corporate-owned Democrat Lacey Clay. Watch the linked video to hear about her participation in the Black Lives Matter movement and if you have Netflix, watch Knock Down the House, in which she is featured. Visit her website and if you live in MO-1, sign up to volunteer and anyone inspired by her, please donate! Most of all, VOTE for Cori on August 4!


    KATHY ELLIS MO-8Kathy is running to flip the seat occupied by Republican Jason Smith. A native of Missouri, she attended the University of Missouri – St. Louis where she received her Bachelor of Science focused on the Administration of Justice and later attended Washington University in St. Louis, where she received her Master of Social Work. Kathy is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Board Certified in Clinical Social Work; a Certified Reciprocal Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor; and a Certified Experiential Therapist III. Her platform is truly Progressive and we loved that, as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, the issue of inclusive healthcare for LGBTQ+ people is of the utmost priority for her and that doctors must be trained and equipped to treat LGBTQ+ people. Go to her website - to learn more, sign up to volunteer, and donate! Watch the linked video, too!


  • Kathleen won her primary over our prior endorsee Tom Winter and will face Republican newcomer Matt Rosendale in November. More will be added soon, but in the meantime, visit her website, Though she is not as progressive as Tom was, she is strong on the environment, campaign reform, tribal sovereignty, and veterans' affairs. Watch the linked video to hear about some of her experience.


  • Chris won the May 12 primary, beating our endorsed candidate Angie Phillips by 6.9%. Though we were sorry for Angie's loss, we are happy to be able to endorse Chris, as his platform is more Progressive than not. He also brings his experience as a successful small business owner, along with his passion for social justice to the table. Chris is originally from a farm family in David City and now lives in Omaha as the owner of Chris Janicek's Cake Box (see Coming from a farm family, he understands the damage that's been done to Nebraska's farmers by the Trump administration. We were especially impressed by his campaign assembling a Climate Change Committee, four young people with fact-based interest in improving the impact of climate change. Chris has already done what Congress should be doing by establishing advisors who know the facts, not lobbyists who are schilling for the fossil fuel industry. Watch the linked video to hear Chris explain some of his most important priorities and visit his website I wish I could have a bite of that cake!

  • Congratulations to Kara on her kick-ass primary win! She is running for the second time to unseat Republican Don Bacon who beat her in 2018 by only TWO points (51 to 49). We endorsed her then, we endorse her now and hope she follows in AOC's footsteps by shocking the Republicans and establishment Democrats by her victory! Watch the linked video to see her celebrate with Justice Democrats founder Cenk Uyger and TYT. Then go to her website and volunteer, donate, and VOTE for her in November! Her website is:



    Akil is a Democrat running as an Independent which is the first reason we endorsed him - we need more candidates like him! After graduating from Los Angeles High School and the University of California, Santa Cruz, Akil attended the University of Pennsylvania where he focused on race relations and African Studies and earned his PhD.. For the past 27 years, Dr. Khalfani, a Sociologist by training, had established a strong reputation as a scholar and committed community leader. His Progressive platform includes Economic Equity/Pandemic Recovery, Criminal Justice/Policing Reform, Healthcare for All, Reparations, Labor/Employment Rights, and Climate Change/Environmental Equity. Go to his website to learn more and there are several 45 minute-long videos on his YouTube channel. Volunteer, DONATE, and VOTE as soon as you can for Akil!


  • A Congressman since 2010, Ben Ray is now going for the seat of retiring Democrat Tom Udall. He was born and raised on a small family farm in Nambé, New Mexico by a union ironworker and a public school employee, Ben learned the values of hard work and community service from a young age. As a representative, he has been a consistent, thoughtful voice for his constituents as a member of the Energy and Commerce Committee, as well as the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis. As Assistant Speaker of the House, Ben Ray is the highest-ranking Hispanic in Congress and has helped put forward a people-first legislative agenda that addresses disparities to help all Americans achieve equity. In 2018, Ben Ray successfully chaired the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, leading the Democratic effort to take back the majority in the U.S. House while electing the most diverse and youngest Congress in history. A passionate supporter of the Equality Act, Ben Ray believes that all individuals, regardless of how they identify or who they love, should be protected from discrimination under the law. Ben Ray has also worked to combat the opioid epidemic in New Mexico by securing millions of dollars in treatment, education, and prevention funds for rural communities plagued by addiction. A staunch advocate of campaign finance reform, Ben Ray has refused to accept corporate PAC money for his U.S. Senate campaign. Watch the linked video for proof of his views. The bottom line is that Ben Ray has been a strong voice for the People while in the House - now New Mexico should send him to the Senate! His campaign website is and his governmental website is

  • We were thrilled in 2018 to endorse Deb and even more thrilled when she won and became one of the first Native American women in Congress, She has served on the Armed Services Committee, as well as the Natural Resources Committee. Before winning her Congressional seat, Deb built a reputation of organizing for the benefit of Native Americans, getting them to register and vote, passing legislation to provide in-state tuition at state colleges for all Native Americans, regardless of where they live. But she not only fights for indigenous rights - in 2017, she partnered with state LGBTQ civil rights leaders to help pass a ban on Conversion Therapy in New Mexico - one of few progressive bills in the State Legislature that was signed by the Governor. In Congress, Deb has continued her passionate fight for the rights of tribal peoples, as you can see in the linked video during a hearing about copper mining on sacred Apache land. Please visit her website to learn more, volunteer, donate, and VOTE to send Deb back to Congress. Her government website is


  • What can we say? We're so proud that we endorsed AOC in 2018 and even prouder to do it again now. Unlike typical liberals who evidently don't understand the concept of loyalty and are now in knee-jerk mode, insisting on dimming their own brightest lights, DUH will be on her and Bernie's sides until there is no more DUH. There are so many videos I could link, but I chose my favorite, her speech to her colleagues on the Oversight Committee about the Green New Deal. Her website - revamped from 2018 despite the URL - is When you are a change-maker, the forces who want the status quo paint a target on your forehead and Wall Street puppet Michelle Caruso-Cabrera has been sucking up cash from billionaire donors and trying to sell herself as a "centrist." Our confidence in Alexandria comes from her constituents who see her fighting for THEM every day, not how much money she's raised from their small donations. Her government website is Keep kicking ass, AOC!

  • Though we'd endorsed Eliot Engel originally, the more we learned about Jamaal, the more we wished we had endorsed him and now that he has won the primary, we're excited to add him to our endorsed New Yorkers! Jamaal was born and raised in New York City and spent his early years in public housing and later in rent-controlled apartments. He didn’t have much growing up, but his mother provided him with love, a stable family, and a sense of community that remains today. Jamaal is an innovative middle school principal and has been a teacher and public school advocate for twenty years. His passion for edication has inspired him to lead in dismantling Common Core in NY and decoupling teacher evaluations from student test scores. He has also been a member of the New York State Early Childhood Blue Ribbon Committee, where he championed early childhood learning standards. He worked with Bronx Legal and Visiting Nurse Services to push for policy that trains every teacher in New York State in trauma-informed practices. He worked with Avenues the World school, Negus World, and Hip Hop Saves Lives to implement innovative design thinking and social justice curriculum. He has also led efforts to educate elected officials on the impact of toxic stress on health and education outcomes. Jamaal recently earned his doctorate in education, focusing on the benefit of the community school model, which is an alternative to charter schools and, he believes, the roadmap to fixing our public school system. Watch the linked video of his victory speech, as well as the video on his website, Volunteer, donate, and vote for Jamaal on November 3!

    Jamaal now lives in Yonkers with his wife and three kids. His approach to being a teacher and principal at a Bronx middle school has been grounded in service, love, and empowering each person to transform our communities. Over the past ten years, he has led community organizing efforts against standardized testing, the school-to-prison pipeline, and the corporate-driven privatization and chronic underfunding of our public schools.

  • Mondaire is rinning against a crowded field seeking to take over from long-time Democrat Nita Lowey who's retiring. He is a Harvard Law School graduate who chose to put his legal skills to work serving his community, first as a public defender and most recently, as an attorney in Westchester County’s Law Department. Mondaire is the co-founder of the non-profit Rising Leaders, Inc., which teaches leadership skills to underserved middle-school students in three cities. Watch the linked video to see that he is a man with authentic integrity. And please visit his website to learn about his Progressive priorities. Volunteer, donate, and VOTE for Mondaire

  • Tedra is running to flip this seat away from the Trump-puppet Elise Stefanik. She has lived in Northern New York for over 30 years and much of her work has focused on improving access to quality healthcare. After graduating from SUNY Potsdam in 1989, she worked at Riverview Correctional Facility as a Spanish-speaking corrections counselor and became a volunteer firefighter. She then worked for North Country AIDS Outreach, providing HIV/AIDS testing and education in rural communities. In 1999, she started a community health agency through the St. Lawrence Health Initiative to provide access to critical health screenings and treatment. Unfortunately, her position on Healthcare for All is more the DNC party line, but one of the things she lists as her vision of healthcare is, "Transform the healthcare delivery system from complicated and confusing to simple and straightforward." If she truly wants to do that, she'll support H.R.1384, the Medicare for ALL Act.



    Zach is running to flip the seat currently held by Republican Kelly Armstrong. A lifelong N. Dakotan, Zach is the son of a mother who beat cancer twice and a stepfather who worked in the government, providing his family with good healthcare. Despite that, cancer treatments still put a significant financial strain on the family, and loans against retirement savings got them through. Zach understands from the inside the struggles tens of millions - now even more thanks to COVID-19 and the loss of employer-based healthcare - of Americans endure. Zach became interested in politics during the 2016 election cycle, concluding that, "the political power of the average American is minuscule. To fix the problem, we need young and working-class Americans everywhere to run for public office." We couldn't agree more and are glad to support Zach as he walks his talk. Visit his website to volunteer, donate, and VOTE for him on June 9!


  • DUH endorsed Mary Gay in 2018 and we're pleased to do so again. We've been impressed by her defense of trans people in the military, her pro-choice stance, and her work on the Judiciary Committee during the hearings leading up to impeachment. Watch the linked video addressing the Attorney General and Trump being in contempt of the process and the request by Congress to turn over crucial documents. Her campaign website is and her government website is


  • Jaime is running to unseat the horrible hypocrite Lindsey Graham and that is the main reason he gets our endorsement. His position on healthcare is the DNC party line about how everyone should have "affordable and accessible," healthcare, but he has more progressive positions on infrastructure and broadband, the environment, and education. The son of a single teenage mom, and raised by his grandparents in Orangeburg, South Carolina, Jaime overcame the challenges of grinding poverty with the help of teachers and mentors who believed in him. His journey from a mobile home to Yale University and Georgetown Law, wasn't easy, but Jaime never forgot who he was or where he came from. Watch the linked video to see one of the important parts of his support of education. And please go to his website to learn more and volunteer or donate. Most of all VOTE for Jaime and send Lindsey packing!


  • Mike Siegel is a civil rights lawyer and former public school teacher running for Congress in the Texas 10th to challenge Republican Michael McCaul. He has served the people for 20 years, first as an educator to ensure equal opportunity for his students, and then as an advocate, fighting for the rights of his clients. As you'll hear him say, Texas' 10th District used to be a Lyndon Johnson district before it was gerrymandered to be Red. But Mike has a plan! Watch the linked video to find out what his strategy is! And visit his website at - volunteer, donate and VOTE for Mike in November!

  • Veronica is another 2018 endorsee who we're proud to endorse again. She has served during her first term on the Armed Services and Judiciary Committees, bringing her experience as a judge to her work in Congress. She has also been an unflagging supporter of immigration reform. Watch the linked video to see her passionate speech on the House Floor. Her campaign website is and her Congressional website is

  • After 2 years of having to listen to Chip Roy's bloviating melodrama (coached by Jim Johnson?) remembering Wendy's filibuster in 2013 and the dignity with which she stood there in her pink sneakers and talked for 13 hours was a breath of fresh air. Her time away from politics has strengthened her progressive positions on women's reproductive rights, education, immigration and support for the LGBTQ community. Her non-profit, Deeds Not Words reflects her belief that talk isn't enough - you have to ACT. YOUR action will prove her right when you volunteer, donate, and VOTE for her so the 21st District can be represented with dignity and determination to improve the lives of its residents, not partisan, childish temper tantrums. Visit her website

  • Candace was brought to our attention late and she is in a run-off on July 14 for the seat of retiring Republican Kenny Marchant. The daughter of U.S. Army veterans, Candace was born and raised in El Paso, Texas into a family with generations of military service. After her mother left the military, her family struggled financially and, for a time, they were homeless. Despite these challenges, Candace persevered and excelled, earning a full scholarship at Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, CA, becoming the first in her family to graduate from college. Grateful for these opportunities, Candace knew that she wanted to give back. She pursued work in education, including mentoring youth, tutoring, and working with special-needs students. She has since devoted her life to fighting for opportunities for others. She first ran for her local school board to improve Texas schools, becoming the first Latina and first African-American woman to serve on the Carrollton-Farmers Branch school board. Since joining the board, she has been an advocate for greater fiscal transparency and worked to expand STEM education, vocational training, and coding academies in district schools. She has also pushed for funding for school renovations and focused on making sure the district is inclusive and welcoming to students of all backgrounds. Go to her website, watch her launch video as well as learning more about her extensive progressive platform. If you want to watch a great interview (16 minutes), click on her name. And please volunteer or DONATE and don't forget to vote for Candace on July 14!

  • Julie is a "bootstrap" success story, though she would give the credit to her community that supported her when she was 17, unmarried and pregnant. She has the one thing no politician can buy or learn - authenticity and obviously, a calling since nothing was too big a challenge that it stopped her! Watch her linked video to learn more about her story of resilience and life experience that will serve her well in Congress! Go to her website - - and support her in whatever way you can!

  • Sylvia Garcia is a native of Palito Blanco, a South Texas farming community. The eighth of ten children, Sylvia saw her parents struggle to raise her and her siblings, but her parents taught her that with hard work and a good education she could accomplish anything. She earned a degree in social work and political science at Texas Woman's University and received her Doctor of Jurisprudence from Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University in Houston. Before being elected to the House in 2018, Sylvia built up an impressive legislative resume, starting with serving as Director and Presiding Judge of the Houston Municipal System for an unprecedented five terms under two mayors. In 1998, she was elected City Controller and in 2013, Sylvia Senator Garcia was elected to the Texas State Senate, where she served three terms. In Congress, she serves on the Judiciary Committee and was a member of the impeachment House Managers. Watch the linked video to see her in action. Visit her website to learn more. Her government website is

  • Serving the people of the 35th District since 1995, Congressman Doggett has been a consistent co-sponsor of H.R. 676 and now H.R.1384. He serves on the House Ways & Means Committee and is also the Chair of the Subcommittee on Health, working to lower the costs of prescription drugs and make healthcare more accessible and affordable. He is a co-sponsor of the Green New Deal and as you'll see in the linked video, a fighter for those harmed by Trump's cruelty at our Southern border. His campaign website is and his government website is


  • First elected in 2007, Peter has gained a reputation for working well with Republicans though he is a member of the Progressive caucus and supports most of the progressive agenda. He serves on the Energy & Commerce, Oversight & Reform Committees, as well as the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Watch the linked video to see his service during the impeachment hearings when the odious Jim Jordan tried to distract from the point of the hearing. Peter calmly brought the focus back and demonstrated his effectiveness as a voice of reason. Go to his website to learn more. His government website is


  • Congresswoman Jayapal has always been a supporter of Healthcare for All, immigration reform, and many other social justice issues. In 2019, she introduced H.R. 1384, the House bill for Medicare for All. Watch the linked video to see Democracy Now's coverage. We have also been impressed by her work on the House Judiciary Committee, especially during the impeachment process. She has no Democratic challengers, but go to her website and help her defeat the Republican one! - Her government website is

  • Beth won her primary to fill the seat of corporate Dem Denny Heck. We will add more, but in the meantime, watch the linked video to hear from Beth and her potential constituents about her Progressive views. Visit her website at and volunteer, donate, and VOTE for Beth on November 3!


  • She's back! The fierce fighter for West Virginia's coal miners' health, her battle against poverty, the visionary Progressive platform that drove her into the "hollers" and down ramshackle streets in 2018, is back to flip another Republican Senate seat. Only THIS time she HAS name recognition, is raising money the same way Bernie is - from those coal miners and their families, from young voters concerned about clean air and water, from the people who live in the hollers and on country roads. Watch the linked video to see Paula in action! Visit her website and volunteer, donate, and VOTE early for Paula Jean on November 3!


    NATALIE CLINE WV-1Natalie is a native West Virginian, the daughter of two small business owners and granddaughter of two union grandfathers. She is also a lover of learning, graduating from West Liberty University, Salem International University and West Virginia University where she earned a Bachelor of Science in International Studies, Master of Business Administration in International Business, and a Master of Arts in Linguistics in 2013 respectively. We're sure her linguistic skills and knowledge of international business will serve her well in Congress! I wish it was her talking in the linked video, but maybe she'll make more! Go to her website and learn more. Volunteer, donate, and VOTE for Natalie on November 3!

  • Cathy may be a new candidate but she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. She is an energy policy expert and advocate. She has analyzed the economic and financial impact of natural gas drilling and pipelines in the region, researched absentee land ownership in West Virginia, and fought electric utility corporate bailouts. Her research has been cited by many respected news sources and even by members of Congress. Her activism includes co-founding Advocates for a Safe Water System in the aftermath of the January 2014 Freedom Industries chemical spill. Cathy also co-founded Rise Up WV, an organization in Charleston that advocates for healthcare for all, quality public education, better services for those suffering from addiction, and more. Rise Up WV has helped elect a wave of first-time public officials in Kanawha County who are fighting for working families. Watch the linked video of her interview with John Iadarola. Go to her website and volunteer, donate, and VOTE early for Cathy on November 3!


  • There is so much that Mark Pocan has done, first in the Wisconsin legislature, and now in Congress where he is co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus. But we chose to link a video that reveals one of - in our opinion - the most important qualities; his commitment to the separation of Church and State. On a personal note, I like him because of his dimply smile which is seen more often than not. He is too overlooked, not a seeker of the limelight, but a quiet, effective leader with the courage to endorse Bernie! His campaign website is: and his government website is:

  • We endorsed Tom in 2018 and are happy to be able to endorse him again. This time, he has the advantage of having built name recognition throughout his first run, as well as long-time Republican Jim Sensenbrenner choosing to retire. Tom is used to stepping up. He served six years in the Navy, mostly helping to run a nuclear reactor on a submarine tracking the enemy. He then transitioned to more than a decade dealing with Wall Street as a banker in his community, helping lenders and borrowers manage risk. Since 2004, Tom has run his own successful small business which we hope has not been harmed by the COVID-19 shutdown. Watch the linked video to learn more about the great variety of skills Tom will bring to Congress. His website is - visit, volunteer, donate, and VOTE for Tom on August 11!

  • Tricia won her primary by a landslide and will face Republican Tom Tiffany in November. Tricia would be the third Native American woman elected to Congress. We'll add more about Tricia soon, but for now, visit her website at Watch the linked video to learn more about Tricia and volunteer, donate, and VOTE for Tricia in November!

  • Lynette is running for the first time to defeat the Republican horror Liz Cheney. As a full-blooded Northern Arapaho/Hunkpapa Lakota, Lynette knows personally the experience of living on a reservation with poor healthcare from the Indian Health Service, in a state with poor education, lack of transportation, poverty, opioid addiction, and environmental destruction. But her passion lies in addressing the problem of murdered and missing Native American girls and women, a cause about which she has met with legislators and appears in the documentary Somebody's Daughter. But personally, I was moved by her putting into a political context, the Lakota phrase "Mitakuye Oyasin," that reminds us that we are all related, when she said, "We, The People” must finally become “All The People,” for without that there can never be a more perfect Union." Visit her website to learn more about her platform, volunteer, and DONATE. The linked video is the trailer for Somebody's Daughter, but Lynette isn't in it.



    Lynnette is running against the horrible Republican Liz Cheney. As a full-blooded Northern Arapaho/Hunkpapa Lakota, she will be the third Native American woman in Congress and we believe the first who lives on the Wind River Reservation. Lynnette knows personally the experiences of dealing with the inadequate healthcare available through the Indian Health Service, the lack of transportation in rural Wyoming, the harm done due to opium addiction, poor education, and fossil fuel destruction. She is also passionate about the cause of the disproportionate number of Missing and Murdered Native American Girls and Women and has advocated for legislation in Congress that would address the issue. Her positions on the progressive issues are more centrist, but her vision of the changes she would bring to benefit Wyoming residents and the nation are way better than Cheney's. Lynnette cares about her fellow citizens and we were most impressed by her ability to put the Lakota phrase "Mitakuye Oyasin" (we are all related) into a political context when she said,"“We, The People” must finally become “All The People,” for without that there can never be a more perfect Union." We could certainly use more of that! Visit her website at - learn more about her platform and volunteer, DONATE, and VOTE for Lynette in November!