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U.S. House & Senate Candidates




Incumbents' Congressional websites are included in text. Click on all names to see linked videos.

ALABAMA - Primary 3/3/20

  • Bradley Byrne, the incumbent, is running for the Senate so this is an open seat. James faces four Republican and one Democratic challengers. He unfortunately doesn't have a video and though his position on healthcare isn't the best, the number and scope of the other issues listed on his website, combined with his impressive military career adding to his electability, and the fact that he could flip a traditionally Republican seat earned our endorsement.



ARKANSAS - Primary 3/3/20


    Dan is running as an Independent for the Senate against Republican Tom Cotton. As a former copy editor, the correct use of English language is HUGE to me. It should therefore say a lot to you about Dan that his honesty, authenticity, and vision for the future, made me overlook many mistakes, including saying "memorized" when he meant "mesmerized." His mind moves faster than his fingers - not a bad thing in a Senator - and I hereby volunteer to edit his website or at least urge him to get someone else to do it!

    His website is and I highly recommend you keep scrolling and see the scope of his issues.

  • Celeste is a nurse practitioner running against Steve Womack,(R) who has occupied the 3rd District seat since 2011. Unlike Independent Senate candidate Dan Whitfield, Celeste is a Democrat in a red state so she will probably never say the words we want to hear about Healthcare for All, but it's clear that she fully understands the dysfunction of our current system. Watch the linked video and visit her website

CALIFORNIA - Primary 3/3/20

  • Watch the linked video - you'll know why we endorsed her.
    Visit her website to learn more!

  • Representative Huffman is a bulldog in this hearing with Daniel Jorjani, the Principal Deputy Solicitor of the Department of the Interior.
    His Congressional website is

  • Chris shifted to the right a bit when incumbent Republican Paul Cook decided not to run again, but it was the linked video launching her campaign that grabbed us. It's our hope that her involvement in the ACA will evolve, and that her more Progressive concerns about the environment, immigration, reproductive choice, and more will serve her well. Check out her website.

  • This is Shahid's second run against Nancy Pelosi and we're endorsing him for the first time though he violates one of our standards - if you're a serious candidate, LOOK like a serious candidate. But we like that he's a Democratic Socialist, and love his Progressive positions, But seriously - a man bun and scraggly mustache? When you're going up against a Chanel, pearl-wearing, steel-belted bitch who's Speaker of the House, you better be serious. But ya never know and, like we did with AOC, we'll back an honest underdog over a corrupt power broker any day! Watch his great video and visit his website!

  • Representative Swalwell goes after Corey Lewinowski in the linked video.
    His Congressional website:

  • Watch Ro's great floor speech on Healthcare for All. He got our endorsement in 2018 and gets it again!
    His Congressional website:

  • Phil is one of 2020's courageous candidates challenging one of the most heinous Republican Trump Puppets - Devin Nunes. Phil has come up with a creative way to counter Nunes' absurd lawsuits against his own constituents. Watch the linked video to see what it is.

    Go to his website to learn that defeating Nunes isn't his only plan!

  • Representative Barragan takes down Kirstjen Nielsen in the linked video.
    Her Congressional website:

  • Representative Porter "does the math" with JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon and he still doesn't get it.
    Her government website:


    We endorsed Angelica when she ran for the Green Party in 2018. We were glad to see she's updated her website to include more issues and a cleaner look. She does a great job with Healthcare for All, among other issues.

    Visit her new website to see the improvements!


    I'm so sorry to have gotten this far and not found a video from this year for Ammar. We endorsed him in 2018 when voters were stupid enough to re-elect indicted Duncan Hunter by 3-some% of the vote. This time, Hunter's guilty plea on 12/3 should be enough to boost Ammar to victory. He is determined to run a positive campaign and has the Progressive platform and political experience to do it.

    Visit his website to learn more!

COLORADO - Primary 6/30/20

CONNECTICUT - Primary 8/11/20

FLORIDA - 8/18/20

GEORGIA - Primary 5/19/20

HAWAII - Primary 8/8/20

IDAHO - Primary 5/19/20

ILLINOIS - Primary 3/17/20

  • Robert is running to do what Barack Obama couldn't - give Congressman Bobby Rush the retirement he deserves! Watch the video to hear his vision. Visit his website at

  • This is Marie's second try after being narrowly defeated by DINO (anti- choice, homophobic, misogynistic) Dan Lipinski. She was one of the first victims of DCCC Chair Cheri Bustos whose strategy to forbid vendors to work for new Progressive candidates was an epic fail. Marie has shifted a bit to the Left, but she prioritizes the needs of her district above ideology.

    The sound quality on the video is bad, but this was the only 2019 video we could find.
    Marie's website is

  • I have observed Chuy Garcia's political career since he served as Alderman for the Little Village area where the HIV/AIDS agency where I worked was located; I voted for him in the first-ever run-off election for Mayor that resulted in the second term of Rahm Emmanuel - Chuy lost by 10 points; and I was thrilled when Luis Gutierrez decided to pass the baton to Chuy when he chose to retire to help the people of Puerto Rico. DUH enthusiastically endorsed Chuy in 2018 and now we endorse him again.

    Watch the linked video of Chuy nailing big bank CEOs in a Financial Services Committee hearing. His Congressional website is

  • This is Anthony's second run against establishment Dem Danny Davis. It is also the second time we've endorsed him. He has wasted no time since 2018, relentlessly serving his community, his special ed students, and running his non-profit. Watch the linked video of Anthony being interviewed at the Dyke March and be blown away by his mind, heart, and spirit!

    His website is

  • Rachel is running to bring change to Congress for the 11th District after 11 years of Bill Foster centrist representation. Rachel is a true Progressive and we applaud her stands on healthcare and the Green New Deal
    Watch the linked video and visit her website - - to learn more!

  • Full disclosure - I have a personal stake in Stefanie. Not only am I in awe of her incredible journey to get to this point, but when she wins, I will finally have a Congresswoman who represents ME. Compared to the Republican incumbent Trump-puppet and the elitist, doesn't-even-have-an-Issues-page corporate Democrat, Stefanie supports Healthcare for All, the Green New Deal, LGBTQ and reproductive rights, tuition-free public universities and respect for teachers and public education, and several things that most of the general public are unaware of but should know about.

    Though 30 minutes long,, watch the linked interview with Stefanie by David Johnson on his Labor's World View
    Her website is - be sure to watch the videos and note her list of issues!

iNDIANA - 5/5/20

IOWA - Presidential Caucus 2/3/20 Primary 6/2/20

KENTUCKY - Primary 5/19/20

  • Charles brings his life experience living in one of the poorest zip codes in Kentucky; rationing insulin to manage his diabetes; incurring student debt he is still paying off; and now, with a family of his own, feeling the financial pressure Mitch McConnell will never feel. He earned DUH's endorsement not just for the Progressive vision he offers Kentucky, but also because he is authentically himself, something Mitch lost decades ago if he ever had it in the first place.

    Charles has worked for the State as Director of Personnel and Administrative Services for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife and was elected to the Kentucky State House of Representatives, becoming the youngest black state legislator in 90 years. During his time in office, he has championed gun reform, voting rights, labor laws, and criminal justice, and passed bipartisan legislation to help Kentuckians get insulin in emergency situations. Charles is a proud member of the Kentucky Black Legislative Caucus.

    Go to his website to be inspired!
    Watch his interview with Ryan Grimm to learn more.

LOUISIANA - Primary 11/3/20

MAINE - Primary 6/9/20

MARYLAND - Primary 2/4/20 (7th District) 4/28/20 (Alll Districts)

  • The linked video is of Congressman Sarbanes' 2017 argument on the floor of the House against repealing provisions of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act and other laws.
    His government website:

  • Briana is running to unseat long-time, corporate-owned Democrat Steny Hoyer. Find out more about her at
    Watch her linked launch video!


    We knew it wouldn't be easy to choose a replacement for Elijah Cummings and indeed, four candidates had aspects that we could have endorsed. But it's our mission to usher into Congress new, truly Progressive blood and only one of the four met those requirements. It's our pleasure to endorse Jill Carter. Unfortunately, Jill's announcement is on her Facebook page, not YouTube, so if you want to see it, go to

    Her website is

  • Watch Jamie enumerate the damage Trump has done. His passion and fearless speaking of truth is why he will always have our vote!
    His Congressional website is

MASSACHUSETTS - Primary 3/3/20

  • Congressman McGovern has served in the House for 22 years and is ranked among the top liberal Representatives. As Chairman of the Rules Committee, he is also a quiet warrior, as evidenced by the reverence he demonstrated to Ady Barkan when opening a Rules Committee hearing on Healthcare for All. Though the linked video is over 2 hours long, Jim's speech starts at 24:00 and goes on for 9:17 minutes.
    His campaign website is

MICHIGAN - Primary 3/10/20

MINNESOTA - Primary 3/3/20

MISSOURI - Primary 3/10/20

MONTANA - Primary






  • Morgan is a young attorney running to unseat long-time establishment Democrat Joyce Beatty. Watch the linked video to hear her reasons for running. And visit her website to read her impressive personal story and her Progressive platform!

  • Mike is running to replace Jim Jordan, arguably the biggest fool, liar, and useless bloviator ("a pompous, opinionated, typically voluble commentator") in Congress, as well as despicably laughing off reports sexual abuse on the wrestling team he coached. Watch the linked video for more! Mike also has what may be the perfect skill set for Congress - having served as Jackie Speier's Communications Director, he has experience in how the House works; and as a comedy writer (Real Time with Bill Maher, The Drew Carey Show, etc.), he can make his colleagues laugh instead of cry!

    Visit his website to learn about his plans to make life better for the people of the 3rd District.

  • The "M" stands for Mike and you MUST go to his website - - to read about all the amazing things he's done! He's running against white bread Republican Bob Latta who's been there since 2007. "MXC," as he prefers to be called, would certainly bring irrepressible new energy to the House. However, it would perhaps serve him well with older voters if he'd drop the "DJ-speak" and show off more of what he's learned traveling the world.His intelligence and obvious thoughtfulness (watch the linked video!) are strengths he should highlight!

    His website is







  • Cristina is running to flip John Cornyn's Senate seat from Red to Blue. Watch her liked launch video and visit her website and FB page to learn more!

    Her website is

  • As you'll hear him say, Texas' 10th District used to be a Lyndon Johnson district before it was gerrymandered to the Red. But Mike has a plan! Watch the linked video to find out what his strategy is!

    And visit his website at


    Greg is unique among the candidates we endorse. A self-proclaimed "fiscal conservative," you might think he was a Republican! But we were so blown away by his positions on almost every Progressive goal that endorsement was mandatory! Please go to his website - - and read how perfectly he GETS healthcare, the climate crisis, wealth and opportunity inequality, and don't miss his "Our Commander-in-Chief" section, where he eloquently says, "Our current president seems to comprehend only the devices of power and none of the obligations, responsibilities or limits required to make him a “commander-in-chief. It must be said: This emperor is naked."

  • Veronica is another 2018 endorsee who we're proud to endorse again. Watch the linked video to see her passionate speech on the House Floor

    Her campaign website is
    Her Congressional website is


    Check out his website for videos!


    More to follow, but after 2 years of having to listen to Chip Roy's bloviating melodrama (coached by Jim Johnson?) remembering Wendy's filibuster in 2013 and the dignity with which she stood there in her pink sneakers and talked for 11 hours was a breath of fresh air. Her time away from politics has strengthened her progressive positions on women's reproductive rights, education, immigration and support for the LGBTQ community. Her non-profit, Deeds Not Words reflects her belief that talk isn't enough - you have to ACT.

    Visit her website to watch her launch video.

  • More will follow, but watch her launch video.

    Her website is

  • Matt is a real guy and not at all the corporate toady that Michael Burgess is and has been for decades. Watch the linked video for a taste of his determination!

    Go to his website to hear the whole story of his son's healthcare horror story!

  • This race has already gotten Internet attention as Henry Cuellar, elected in 2004, is known as "Trump's favorite Democrat" and Jessica has a truly Progressive platform, as well as the younger Latino vote. Watch the linked video and check out her website to learn more about her vision!

  • More will follow but watch the linked video (you can also see it on her website).

  • Serving the people of the 35th District since 1995, Congressman Doggett has been a consistent co-sponsor of H.R. 676 and now H.R.1384. He serves on the House Ways & Means Committee, which has jurisdiction over taxes, trade, Social Security, Medicare, and more. He is also the Chair of the Subcommittee on Health, working to lower the costs of prescription drugs and make healthcare more accessible and affordable. He is a co-sponsor of the Green New Deal and as you'll see in the linked video, a fighter for those harmed by Trump's cruelty at our Southern border.

    His campaign website is
    His government website is






  • She's back! The fierce fighter for West Virginia's coal miners' health, her battle against poverty, the visionary Progressive platform that drove her into the "hollers" and down ramshackle streets in 2018, taking her heart and determination to topple multi-millionaire and Democrat in Republican clothing Joe Manchin to the people is back to flip another Republican Senate seat. Only THIS time she HAS name recognition, is raising money the same way Bernie is - from those coal miners and their families, from young voters concerned about clean air and water, from the people who live in the hollers and on country roads. And she's even more determined this time. Watch the linked video to see Paula in action!

  • Natalie is a native West Virginian, the daughter of two small business owners and granddaughter of two union grandfathers. She is also a lover of learning, graduating from West Liberty University, Salem International University and West Virginia University where she earned a Bachelor of Science in International Studies, Master of Business Administration in International Business, and a Master of Arts in Linguistics in 2013 respectively. We're sure her linguistic skills and knowledge of international business will serve her well in Congress! I wish it was her talking in the linked video, but maybe she'll make more! At least the lady speaking is an avid supporter!


    Cathy may be a new candidate but she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. She is an energy policy expert and advocate. She has analyzed the economic and financial impact of natural gas drilling and pipelines in the region, researched absentee land ownership in West Virginia, and fought electric utility corporate bailouts. Her research has been cited by many respected news sources and even by members of Congress.

    Her activism includes co-founding Advocates for a Safe Water System in the aftermath of the January 2014 Freedom Industries chemical spill. Cathy also co-founded Rise Up WV, an organization in Charleston that advocates for healthcare for all, quality public education, better services for those suffering from addiction, and more. Rise Up WV has helped elect a wave of first-time public officials in Kanawha County who are fighting for working families.


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