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U.S. House & Senate Candidates



PLEASE NOTE! Due to the COVID-19 disruption and uncertainty about when/if primaries will take place, DUH/PEP is going to list the candidates we planned to endorse whether their filing date is passed or not. There is only one person who knows how to adjust content on the website, so please be patient. More will be added as I have time to find videos and bio information.

CANDIDATES! IF YOU ARE A PROGRESSIVE RUNNING ON THE PEOPLE'S AGENDA AND MEET OUR ENDORSEMENT STANDARDS, SUBMIT YOUR NAME, STATE AND DISTRICT, AND WEBSITE URL TO We know it's not fair and we're sorry, but if we've already endorsed a candidate in your district (see all endorsed candidates), we can't endorse you too.

Incumbents' Congressional websites are included in text. Click on the candidate's name to see linked videos. House candidates' photos appear on the left, Senate on the right.



    James made it through the March 3 primary with 40.3% of the vote and now faces a run-off with Kiani Gardner who got 44.1%. Visit his website to see the number and scope of the issues listed. That, combined with his impressive military career adding to his electability, and the fact that he could flip a traditionally Republican seat earned our endorsement.


  • Alyse is an Independent running to defeat Republican Don Young. By her own admission, she grew up "in a diverse Alaskan family of builders, butchers, bankers, mechanics, misfits and outlaws..[tha" t. ] struggled with addiction, mental illness, and abuse," but she was determined to break that cycle. She worked her way through earning a degree in political science from the University of California San Diego and then returned to Alaska to use that education and her lived experience to improve education and other community issues. Go to her website to learn more about her ideas, especially her explanation of the "Nuka" healthcare program that has worked in areas of Alaska! Watch the linked video to see what she values most.


  • Representative Grijalva is a quiet warrior but watch him talk about the wall, Native American soveriegnty, and immigration as evidenced by the linked video. With his chairmanship of the Natural Resources Committee he's fighting the climate crisis. Visit his campaign website at

    His Congressional website is

  • Anita is running for the second time to unseat Republican David Schweikert. In 2018, she won her three-way primary but the week of the general election tragedy struck. Anita’s husband, James, had a health emergency — brain abscesses, leading him to undergo six separate neurosurgeries and resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills. The fact that Anita knows firsthand that life, work, health, and the economy all go together, along with her impressive background and experience, has earned her DUH's endorsement. Watch the linked video of her and her in-home "staff!" Learn more about her and her vision at



    Dan is running as an Independent for the Senate against Republican Tom Cotton. Because the Democratic primary was cancelled, Dan's Independent designation got him on the Nov. 3 ballot. He is another new candidate with honesty, authenticity, and vision for the future. His website is and I highly recommend you keep scrolling and see the scope of his issues.

  • CONGRATULATIONS to Celeste for winning her primaey! She is a nurse practitioner running as a Democrat in a red state so she will probably never say the words we want to hear about Healthcare for All, but it's clear that she fully understands the dysfunction of our current system. Watch the linked video and visit her website


  • Congratulations to Audrey for winninng her primary! Growing up on a farm, agriculture is Audrey's passion. She earned a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Agricultural Education from California State University, Chico and has worked on agricultural projects here and abroad. Today, Audrey is in her fourth year as a Senior Learning Designer at Vivayic, designing learning strategy and curriculum for worldwide agricultural companies and nonprofits. Watch the linked video - you'll know why we endorsed her. Visit her website to learn more!

  • Congratulations to Representative Huffman for his primary win! is a bulldog when it comes to the environment! Watch the linked video of his grilling of Daniel Jorjani, the Principal Deputy Solicitor of the Department of the Interior.
    His campaign website,, is old, but you can visit his FB page at
    His Congressional website is

  • A strong Republican district, Chris shifted to the right a bit when incumbent Republican Paul Cook decided not to run again. We're still waiting on CA's suspect inability to count all the votes that were cast almost a week ago to see if Chris maintains her current lead (27.2%) against Republican Tim Donelly (21.7%) to secure the second place on the ballot.

    It was the linked video launching her campaign that grabbed us. It's our hope that her position on the ACA will evolve, and that her more Progressive concerns about the environment, immigration, reproductive choice, and more will serve her well. Check out her website.

  • Though mainstream media hasn't called it, The Washington Times has and it may not be the mega-paper in Washington, it's good enough for us. Congratulations, Shahid, for your second-place primary victory! We hope all the young San Francisco crowd shows up for Shahid on Nov 3, Watch the linked video taken on primary election night and get the money flooding in!
    His website is

  • Representative Swalwell was right to withdraw from the presidential race - his excellent work on the Judiciary Committee and the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence is exemplified by the way he goes after Corey Lewandowski in the linked video. We look forward to more since he's been re-elected!
    His campaign website is
    His Congressional website:

  • Always a winner in our book, we're cheering his primary victory. He is a champion for Healthcare for All, a leader in the Progressive Caucus and now, a true (as opposed to transient) to Bernie Watch Ro's great floor speech on Healthcare for All. He got our endorsement in 2018 and will continue to get it!
    His campaign website is:
    His Congressional website:

  • Phil is one of 2020's courageous candidates challenging one of the most heinous Republican Trump Puppets - Devin Nunes. We had to wait but we can now congratulate Phil on his second place victory.

    Phil has come up with a creative way to counter Nunes' absurd lawsuits against his own constituents. Watch the linked video to see what it is.
    Go to his website to learn that defeating Nunes isn't his only plan!

  • Congratulations to Representative Barragan on her primary win! We've been impressed with her tenacious work on the Energy & Commerce Committee and on Homeland Security. Watch the linked video to see her take down Kirstjen Nielsen.
    Her campaign website is:
    Her Congressional website:

  • Representative Porter is another candidate whose race hasn't been called but with 49.6% of the vote to 18.4% for the leading Republican, we'll call it for her! watch the linked video to see her "doing the math" with JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon and he still doesn't get it. I recommend you go to C-SPAN's channel on YouTube and search for her - there are plenty more like this!
    Her campaign website is
    Her government website:


    Rep. Rouda's race has finally been called and he wins the top spot on the ballot in November. We are glad to endorse him and sorry we missed putting him on this page. We have been impressed by his bi-partisan work on the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, as well as the Oversight Committee. Watch the linked video to see his questioning of the panel about the intersection of infrastructure and the climate crisis.
    His website is

  • We endorsed Ammar in 2018 when voters were stupid enough to re-elect indicted Duncan Hunter. This time, Hunter's guilty plea on 12/3 should be enough to boost Ammar to victory. He won 35.9% of the vote to incumbent Republican Darrell Issa's 23.8%. We're declaring him the winner of the top spot with Issa in the second! Watch the linked video of news coverage of his victory.

    Visit his website to learn about his positions and more! He bills himself as a moderate, but we believe he has some liberal leanings. In any case, he has a real chance to flip a Republican seat against Issa who isn't from the district and has some political baggage of his own.


  • Andrew is running to replace corporate Republican Cory Gardner.But he's also running in the primary against former governor, failed presidential candidate, and fracking proponent John Hickenlooper. Guess who the DNC is backing - yep, the guy desperate enough to drink fracking fluid because it's so safe. Anyone who takes the time to watch the linked video - it may be the best campaign video I've seen this cycle! - will know why Colorado and the rest of us need Andrew Romanoff in the Senate.

    His website (where you can also see the video) is:

  • We endorsed Joe in 2018 and endorse him now. Watch the linked video to see just one of the reasons he got our endorsement.
    His campaign website is:
    His government website is

  • Jillian is running to "flip the fifth" and unseat Republican Doug Lamborn. She describes herself as a "Coupon clipping, solar-powered millennial mom of two gorgeous daughters," but she's more than that. Watch the linked video to hear about her experience as a midwife and healthcare advocate.
    Her website is:

  • Nathan is running as a DSA Democratic candidate against establishment Democrat Ed Perlmutter. Mr. Perlmutter spouts the DNC script on healthcare while Nathan is 100% for Healthcare for All and his multitude of Progressive issues is impressive. Though he may LOOK like he isn't old enough to vote, he's 31 and besides his positions on the issues, his creation of people-powered Initiatives belies a creative thoughtfulness rarely seen in politics. Check out his website to watch videos he's made and learn more! Click on Nathan's photo to see one of his videos - even though it's from July 2019, it grabbed my attention!




  • Sarah gave me a lesson in walking my talk and I'm grateful she did. As a Gaian Pagan, the hypocrisy of politicians who claim to be "Christian" produces a knee-jerk NO WAY response in me. But Sarah, like her former running mate Stacey Abrams, convinced me that there ARE people who actually live their faith and this endorsement allows me to live mine which would never condone rejecting someone on the basis of their religion. Watch the linked video to see someone who WOULD ask, "What would Jesus do?" and then listen to the answer!

    Her website is

  • We endorsed Lisa in 2018 and are happy to do so again! Lisa has obviously spent the time between 2018 and now expanding and honing her message. The linked video is just one of many "Carter vs. Ring"s on her channel at YouTube We suggest you watch them all - they're only a minute long. Her launch video from 2018 got her our vote and still holds true today. You can see it at

    Her website is:

  • Antonio is running to unseat entrenched Democrat Hank Johnson. Born and raised in Macon, he learned from his parents early the values helping others, hard work, and integrity - all of which Congress could use more. He has also spent most of his career as an engineer, so he knows something about fixing broken things! The linked video has awful sound quality and features a panel of candidates answering questions at a forum. Antonio's thoughtful and articulate answer to a question about public education starts at 9:56. Go to his website to see his extensive issues page.

  • More about Nabilah soon, but please go to her great website: to learn more and sign up to volunteer or donate!
    Watch the linked video to see Ryan Grim interview her!


  • Though we decided months ago to endorse Kai, Gabbard's betrayal of Bernie today has motivated us to make this endorsement now instead of when Hawaii's filing date is met. But this isn't a knee-jerk reaction. Kai has an impressive record in Hawaii's state government. He currently serves as the Majority Floor Leader of the Hawaiʻi State Senate and Chairman of the Senate Committee on Water and Land. Kai is also an 18-year veteran, pilot and commissioned officer in the Hawai‘i Air National Guard, United States Air Force where he continues to serve as a Lt Col with the 201st Air Operations Group. Watch the linked video to hear about his ideas for higher education and please visit his website's extensive Priorities page at



  • Congratulations to Marie for being the winner against DINO (anti- choice, homophobic, misogynistic) Dan Lipinski. She was one of the first victims of DCCC Chair Cheri Bustos' strategy to squelch new Progressive candidates, but she wasn't deterred! Marie has shifted a bit to the Left, which we welcome, but she prioritizes the needs of her district above ideology. Watch the linked video to hear her positions on the issues.

    Marie's website is

  • I have observed Chuy Garcia's political career since he served as Alderman for the Little Village area where the HIV/AIDS agency where I worked was located; I voted for him in the first-ever run-off election for Mayor that resulted in the second term of Rahm Emmanuel - Chuy lost by 10 points; and I was thrilled when Luis Gutierrez decided to pass the baton to Chuy when he chose to retire to help the people of Puerto Rico. DUH enthusiastically endorsed Chuy in 2018 and now we congratulate him for his primary victory and continued good work in the House!

    Watch the linked video of Chuy nailing big bank CEOs in a Financial Services Committee hearing. Be sure to visit his website at!
    His Congressional website is

  • Dani won her primary and will try to unseat Republican Adam Kinzinger in November. Never having held elected office, she has a pretty steep mountain to climb, but she's obviously determined and not afraid of hard work! Unfortunately, we couldn't find a video, but if you click on her photo, it will take you to a radio interview where you can hear about her positions and strategy to win. We hope DUH's endorsement helps! Go to her website too -


  • Pat's campaign slogan is "Dignity and Justice for All" and she has fought for that throughout her career as an attorney. Watch the linked video to learn why those things are personal for her. She's aiming to unseat Republican Jackie Walorski. Go to her website to watch her launch video!

  • Jennifer is running to fill the seat of retiring Republican Susan Brooks. She is a scientist with degrees in chemistry and biology who also has a passion about healthcare. She is also, as I discovered in a delightful email exchange, a Mega-Mom with four young dancers, belongs to a network of Girl Scout moms and is a teacher of chemistry and biology. All that and an irresistable cheeriness that I hope doesn't get dented in Congress. Her vision is just as positive - watch the linked video to learn more. And visit her website at


  • Kimberly is running to unseat pig castrator Joni Ernst who HASN'T made anyone in Congress squeal. Kimberly brings her life experience of growing up in a strong union family, descending from family farm owners, taking out student loans (which she is still paying off), and, as the guardian ad litem and attorney for kids of participants in Family Treatment Court, she has seen the toll that opioid and meth addiction can take on a family already traumatized by poverty, lack of mental health care and treatment, lack of affordable housing, and lack of education. Watch her introductory video here: And if you live in Iowa, I urge you to take the 45 minutes to watch the linked interview she did on The Humanist Report - it made me want to move to Iowa just so she could be my senator! Her website is:



  • Charles brings his life experience living in one of the poorest zip codes in Kentucky; rationing insulin to manage his diabetes; incurring student debt he is still paying off; and now, with a family of his own, feeling the financial pressure Mitch McConnell will never feel. He earned DUH's endorsement not just for the Progressive vision he offers Kentucky, but also because he is authentically himself, something Mitch lost decades ago if he ever had it in the first place.

    Charles was elected to the Kentucky State House of Representatives, becoming the youngest black state legislator in 90 years. During his time in office, he has championed gun reform, voting rights, labor laws, and criminal justice, and passed bipartisan legislation to help Kentuckians get insulin in emergency situations. Charles is a proud member of the Kentucky Black Legislative Caucus. Watch the linked video of his interview with Ryan Grim to learn more.

    Go to his website at:


  • Antoine is a man of many talents - he is a musician, actor, writer and lover of the arts. That and a desire to use his degree in Child and Family Services to give back to his community inspired him to establish Better Boys Initiative, Inc., a nonprofit organization that uses the arts to develop character and bolster self-esteem among minority and underserved young men. Watch the linked video to hear his story. Please visit his website to learn more!


  • Betsy has a big job to do in defeating long-time corporate senator Susan Collins, but we believe she has what it takes to win thanks to her "can do" attitude and lifelong human rights activism, political organizing, owning a small business, and being a single mother. Go to her website to read about her impressive work. The linked video is 12 minutes long but work it!



  • Congressman McGovern has served in the House for 22 years and is ranked among the top liberal Representatives. As Chairman of the Rules Committee, he is also a quiet warrior, as evidenced by the reverence he demonstrated to Ady Barkan when opening a Rules Committee hearing on Healthcare for All. Though the linked video is over 2 hours long, Jim's speech starts at 24:00 and goes on for 9:17 minutes.
    His campaign website is

  • Nathaniel is a pretty amazing candidate. Though this is his first run for office, he has global experience dealing with governments of different kinds. He is an engineer and inventor who has invented a device that is literally saving the world. His intelligence, compassion, perception, and I believe, natural state of joy are "qualifications" that are too rare in the political world. The linked video is an hour long, but if you live in MA or if you're starved for hope, PLEASE watch it, especially if you were a Warren supporter. And to learn details and see photos of Nathaniel's impressive experience, go to

  • We missed Rep. Pressly in 2018, having endorsed someone else too early. We will not make the same mistake this year because she has proven herself to be just the kind of truthful warrior we need. This is also reflected in her personal and inspiring choice to embrace her own truth about her alopecia. We not only applaud her courage, but we think she's even more awesome without her hair!

    Her work in Congress has been fierce - you can watch her eviscerate Ben Carson in the linked video and learn about her first year as a Congresswoman at her website,

  • Robbie is running to unseat Republican Stephen Lynch. Please go to his website at and watch his video. Watch the linked video to hear him articulate his commitment to healthcare, ending gun violence, climate change, and more. This guy is a winner and we are pleased and proud to endorse him.

  • Alex is running to take the seat of Richard Neal, chairman of the Ways & Means committee and foe of Healthcare for All. Alex has been so committed to public service that after at Brown, he returned to Holyoke, his home town, and ran for mayor. At the age of 22, he was elected, the youngest and first openly gay mayor in the history of the city of Holyoke. He has served as Holyoke’s mayor since 2012, winning 4 elections. Please go to his website to learn about the amazing things he has done while mayor and his commitment to bringing a similar vision to D.C. Watch the linked video to see that he'll never be like Trump!



  • Ilhan was one of our stars in 2018 and we are pleased to endorse her again with hope that the bigots and xenophobes within and outside of Congress will stop trying to scare her away. Her work on the Budget Committee in the linked video is emblematic of her power and growth in her freshman year. Her government website is and her campaign website is

  • Ian is a Minnesotan by choice. Born in Arkansas, a friend he served with in the military convinced him to move to Minnesota. After serving in the Air Force as a Geospatial Intelligence Analyst, Ian feels his time there helped instill in him the values he now intends to take to Congress: integrity, service, and excellence. Watch the linked video to hear his speech at the DFL convention and go to his website

MISSISSIPPI Primary 3/10/20


  • Cori's 2018 loss was heartbreaking and we're so happy to endorse her again in 2020. She has learned from her first campaign and now has a better chance, we believe, of unseating corporate-owned Democrat Lacey Clay. Watch the linked video to hear her vision and if you have Netflix, watch Knock Down the House, in which she is featured. Visit her website and if you live in MO-1, sign up to volunteer and anyone inspired by her, please donate!



  • Like her fellow candidates, Angie looks to unseat an established Republican, Ben Sasse. Her wholesome Nebraska ethics - seen in image form in the linked video - makes it laughable to imagine her dealing with a Big Pharma lobbyist! We recommend you invest the time (20 minutes) to watch her launch speech - start at 11:32 if you don't want to watch the whole thing. She says one thing no one has ever said and yes, Angie, we took it in - "Other struggling people are NOT our enemy."

    Her website is

  • Babs is a courageous Progressive not just because she's in a totally red state, but also because she's an out and proud transgender woman. We were impressed by her website and her dedication to the fight for Healthcare for All and if you watch the linked video, her confidence and authenticity are obvious. Go to to learn more!

  • Kara is running for the second time after losing to Republican Don Bacon by TWO points (51 to 49). We endorsed her then, we endorse her now and hope she shocks the totally red Nebraska by her victory! Watch the linked video to see her great launch.

    Her website is:


NEW HAMPSHIRE Primary 9/8/20

NEW JERSEY Primary 6/2/20

NEW MEXICO Primary 6/2/20

NEW YORK Primary 6/23/20

  • Michael is truly a remarkable man. If elected, he will be the first 911 volunteer firefighter in Congress! He has displayed great courage - not only on that day, but in telling his story of struggling with PTSD afterward. His stand on healthcare is influenced by opposition talking points, but he is a man of good heart and integrity and we hope that some of his union constituents who are also H4A advocates will educate him on what every union member would GAIN. Please visit his website and help him do some rescuing in Congress!

  • Isiah is running to unseat DINO Yvette Clark. He is a dedicated activist in his Brooklyn community and seems not to be intimidated at all by the idea of joining Congress with the express intent of changing how things are done. If you like Marvel's Luke Cage, he's your guy! Perhaps in the 117th Congress, he'll be a pillar of the Man Squad! Watch the linked seven-minute video (AOC is pictured) of his interview on TYT's Damage Report - his articulate confidence shines! Visit his website at and donate or volunteer!

  • Jonathan is running against an establishment Democrat. That's hard enough, but after his work as Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee during the impeachment process, Jerry Nadler could be called an icon to many voters. Enter Jonathan, 25 (or 26 by now), son of Israeli immigrants, born and raised on the border of Hell's Kitchen and the Upper West Side of Manhattan, first in his class at Harvard, on to an MBA from NYU Stern and then back to Harvard Law School, which he left to help with Andrew Yang's presidential campaign. Watch the linked video (from August 2019) of his interview with Cenk on TYT to hear more about his platform or watch his launch video here: His website is and we challenge you not to smile when he does. He's just so CUTE!


    More to come soon, but in the meantime, please watch his launch video on his website

  • What can we say? We're so proud that we endorsed AOC in 2018 and even prouder to do it again now. Unlike typical liberals who evidently don't understand the concept of loyalty and are now in knee-jerk mode, insisting on dimming their own brightest lights, DUH will be on her and Bernie's sides until there is no more DUH.
    There are so many videos I could link, but I chose my favorite, her speech to her colleagues on the Oversight Committee about the Green New Deal. Her website - revamped from 2018 despite the URL - is


    More will be added tomorrow, but please visit his website

  • Mondaire Jones NY-17
    Mondaire Jones NY-17

    More coming soon, but in the meantime, please visit Mondaire's website at

  • Tedra Cobb NY-21

    Tedra Cobb NY-21More about Tedra soon, but please visit her website at


OHIO Primary 3/17/20

  • Morgan is a young attorney running to unseat long-time establishment Democrat Joyce Beatty. Watch the linked video to hear her reasons for running. And visit her website to read her impressive personal story and her Progressive platform!

  • Mike is running to replace Jim Jordan, arguably the biggest fool, liar, and useless bloviator ("a pompous, opinionated, typically voluble commentator") in Congress, as well as despicably laughing off reports sexual abuse on the wrestling team he coached. Watch the linked video for more! Mike also has what may be the perfect skill set for Congress - having served as Jackie Speier's Communications Director, he has experience in how the House works; and as a comedy writer (Real Time with Bill Maher, The Drew Carey Show, etc.), he can make his colleagues laugh instead of cry!

    Visit his website to learn about his plans to make life better for the people of the 3rd District.

  • The "M" stands for Mike and you MUST go to his website - - to read about all the amazing things he's done! He's running against white bread Republican Bob Latta who's been there since 2007. "MXC," as he prefers to be called, would certainly bring irrepressible new energy to the House. However, it would perhaps serve him well with older voters if he'd drop the "DJ-speak" and show off more of what he's learned traveling the world.His intelligence and obvious thoughtfulness (watch the linked video!) are strengths he should highlight!

    His website is

OKLAHOMA Primary 6/30/20

OREGON Primary 5/19/20

  • Albert is running against Establishment Democrat Earl Blumenauer who has been in the House for 24 years - time for some new energy! Albert brings a mile-wide variety of impressive life experience and we hope you'll go to his website to see why he relates so well to voters who understand something about where he's been and who can see that he respects their story and will fight to improve things for the 4th District, Oregon, and the country! Watch his introductory video on the website or YouTube! The linked video is the 11-minute interview he did on TYT's The Conversation. We are excited about endorsing Albert and thank him for his patience!

  • Mark has executive governing experience as the mayor of Milwaukie, OR. Before diving into the swamp of politics, he dove into the ocean with sharks as a photojournalist for National Geographic and the sweat of locker rooms for Sports Illustrated. Throughout his 30-year career with the camera, he traveled around the world and developed a passion for Nature which has translated into his success as the mayor who created one of the most aggressive climate action plans for a city the size of Milwaukie in the state. He has also addressed homelessness, led the city council in passing a construction excise tax, and is currently partnering with the county to expand an affordable housing
    project. Go to his website to learn more!

    Watch the linked video to hear his speech at the Our Revolution Summit - we're proud to join them in endorsing Mark!


    JEFF MERKELY OR SENATEMore about Jeff coming soon! For now, please visit his website at
    His government website is

PENNSYLVANIA Primary 5/28/20


    SKYLAR HURWITZ PA-1Skylar is running to unseat Republican Brian Fitzpatrick. More about Skylar to follow, but please visit his website at and volunteer or donate!

  • DUH endorsed Mary Gay in 2018 and we're pleased to do so again. We've been impressed by her defense of trans people in the military, her pro-choice stance, and her work on the Judiciary Committee during the hearings leading up to impeachment. Watch the linked video addressing the Attorney General and Trump being in contempt of the process and the request by Congress to turn over crucial documents. Her campaign website is and her government website is

RHODE ISLAND Primary 9/8/20

SOUTH CAROLINA Primary 6/9/20

SOUTH DAKOTA Primary 6/2/20

TENNESSEE Primary 3/3/20

  • Larry is running to unseat Republican David Roe. He's a history professor and has studied the shifts that have happened in our politics since the 1800s. Watch the linked video to hear Larry's positions on the issues. You can also see it at his website

TEXAS Primary 3/3/20

  • As you'll hear him say, Texas' 10th District used to be a Lyndon Johnson district before it was gerrymandered to the Red. But Mike has a plan! Watch the linked video to find out what his strategy is!

    And visit his website at


    Greg is unique among the candidates we endorse. A self-proclaimed "fiscal conservative," you might think he was a Republican! But we were so blown away by his positions on almost every Progressive goal that endorsement was mandatory! Please go to his website - - and read how perfectly he GETS healthcare, the climate crisis, wealth and opportunity inequality, and don't miss his "Our Commander-in-Chief" section, where he eloquently says, "Our current president seems to comprehend only the devices of power and none of the obligations, responsibilities or limits required to make him a “commander-in-chief. It must be said: This emperor is naked."

  • Veronica is another 2018 endorsee who we're proud to endorse again. Watch the linked video to see her passionate speech on the House Floor

    Her campaign website is
    Her Congressional website is


    More to follow, but after 2 years of having to listen to Chip Roy's bloviating melodrama (coached by Jim Johnson?) remembering Wendy's filibuster in 2013 and the dignity with which she stood there in her pink sneakers and talked for 11 hours was a breath of fresh air. Her time away from politics has strengthened her progressive positions on women's reproductive rights, education, immigration and support for the LGBTQ community. Her non-profit, Deeds Not Words reflects her belief that talk isn't enough - you have to ACT.

    Visit her website to watch her launch video.

  • Julie is a "bootstrap" success story and has the one thing no politician can buy or learn - authenticity! Watch her launch video to learn more about her story of resilience and life experience that will serve her well in Congress!

    Her website is

  • After choosing careers as a doctor and then in public health policy, Christine is running against Republican John Carter in order to combine her passions -- service to others and public policy -- to benefit her constituents and the nation. Watch the linked video (you can also see it on her website).

  • Serving the people of the 35th District since 1995, Congressman Doggett has been a consistent co-sponsor of H.R. 676 and now H.R.1384. He serves on the House Ways & Means Committee and is also the Chair of the Subcommittee on Health, working to lower the costs of prescription drugs and make healthcare more accessible and affordable. He is a co-sponsor of the Green New Deal and as you'll see in the linked video, a fighter for those harmed by Trump's cruelty at our Southern border.

    His campaign website is
    His government website is

UTAH Primary 6/30/20

VERMONT Primary 8/11/20

VIRGINIA Primary 6/9/20

WASHINGTON Primary 8/4/20

  • Congresswoman Jayapal has always been a supporter of Healthcare for All, immigration reform, and many other social justice issues. In 2019, she introduced H.R. 1384, the House bill for Medicare for All. Watch the linked video to see Democracy Now's coverage. We have also bee impressed by her work on the House Judiciary Committee, especially during the impeachment process. She has no Democratic challengers, but go to her website and help her defeat the Republican one! Her government website is

  • Rebecca is running to unseat do-nothing Dem Derek Kilmer and brings an impressive humanitarian resume and experience as a small business owner to the table. Please go to her website and hit the About tab to learn more. Her stands on healthcare and the People's Platform make her exactly the kind of candidate we want to see in Congress. The linked video is her interview with Michael Brooks two months ago - we loved what she had to say about the Green New Deal!

WEST VIRGINIA Primary 5/12/20

  • She's back! The fierce fighter for West Virginia's coal miners' health, her battle against poverty, the visionary Progressive platform that drove her into the "hollers" and down ramshackle streets in 2018, taking her heart and determination to topple multi-millionaire and Democrat in Republican clothing Joe Manchin to the people is back to flip another Republican Senate seat. Only THIS time she HAS name recognition, is raising money the same way Bernie is - from those coal miners and their families, from young voters concerned about clean air and water, from the people who live in the hollers and on country roads. And she's even more determined this time. Watch the linked video to see Paula in action!

  • Natalie is a native West Virginian, the daughter of two small business owners and granddaughter of two union grandfathers. She is also a lover of learning, graduating from West Liberty University, Salem International University and West Virginia University where she earned a Bachelor of Science in International Studies, Master of Business Administration in International Business, and a Master of Arts in Linguistics in 2013 respectively. We're sure her linguistic skills and knowledge of international business will serve her well in Congress! I wish it was her talking in the linked video, but maybe she'll make more! At least the lady speaking is an avid supporter!


    Cathy may be a new candidate but she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. She is an energy policy expert and advocate. She has analyzed the economic and financial impact of natural gas drilling and pipelines in the region, researched absentee land ownership in West Virginia, and fought electric utility corporate bailouts. Her research has been cited by many respected news sources and even by members of Congress.

    Her activism includes co-founding Advocates for a Safe Water System in the aftermath of the January 2014 Freedom Industries chemical spill. Cathy also co-founded Rise Up WV, an organization in Charleston that advocates for healthcare for all, quality public education, better services for those suffering from addiction, and more. Rise Up WV has helped elect a wave of first-time public officials in Kanawha County who are fighting for working families.

WISCONSIN Primary 8/11/20

  • There is so much that Mark Pocan has done, first in the Wisconsin legislature, and now in Congress where he is co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus. But we chose to link a video that reveals one of - in our opinion - the most important qualities; his commitment to the separation of Church and State. On a personal note, I like him because of his dimply smile which is seen more often than not. He is too overlooked, not a seeker of the limelight, but a quiet, effective leader with the courage to endorse Bernie!

    His campaign website is:
    His government website is:

  • We are happy to be able to endorse Tom again. This time, he has the advantage of running for an empty seat since long-time Republican Jim Sensenbrenner chose to retire. Watch the linked video to learn more about the skills Tpm will bring to Congress. His website is

WYOMING Primary 8/18/20