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U.S. House & Senate Candidates



  • Jon is a native Georgian, investigative journalist, media executive, and politician. His time in Washington as a national security staffer and aide to Rep. Hank Johnson for five years inspired him to fight corruption and injustice and he left Johnson's office in 2012 to earn a master's degree at the London School of Economics. Since 2013, Jon has been managing partner and CEO of Insight TWI, a small business based in the UK, which produces investigations targeting corrupt officials and organized crime for international news organizations. His company has produced internationally broadcast investigations of such topics as extrajudicial killings by security forces in several countries; the West African Ebola outbreak; money laundering and bribery; and high-level corruption in international sports. Who better to "drain the swamp? Watch the linked video to see his anti-corruption ad. Go to his website - to see his launch video. Then volunteer, donate, and VOTE for him so he can help Democrats take back the Senate!

  • Raphael is running to unseat the appointed Kelly Loeffler, a Trump devotee. He is Senior Pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, the former pulpit of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He was the youngest pastor selected to serve in that leadership role at the historic church. He embodies his predecessor's compassion, understanding and love for humanity and will take all that and the concerns of Georgians to the Senate. There is much more to learn about Rev. Warnock - watch the linked video. Visit his website and please volunteer and, if you can, DONATE! Most of all, VOTE on January 5 for Raphael, as well as Jon Osshoff!


  • Hello, Somebody! Nina is running for Congress! The oldest of seven children, Nina brings a variety of experience from a teen job at Payless Shoes to Cleveland City Council, to the Ohio Senate to national co-chair of the Bernie Sanders 2020 presidential campaign. She has been a loyal ally and surrogate for Bernie, known for her passionate speeches on his - and hers - policy priorities. Unlike certain other females who ran unsuccessfully for president, she is not a flip-flopper and would gladly divert any bus under which they would throw him, But she is not just a Berniecrat. She is her own woman - she knows the difference between right and wrong, will fight relentlessly for the people who need a powerful voice on their side, and who sincerely wants to change things for the better. Watch the linked video to see what she has in store for Biden and Congress. Then go to her website -volunteer and DONATE!