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It's the mission of Demand Universal Healthcare - DUH to advance the cause of establishing a truly universal, single-payer, comprehensive, equitable, publicly-funded national Healthcare for All system in the United States. This mission is carried out by:

  • Informing the general public of the facts about such a system
  • Providing social media platforms on which to engage people in discussion, debate, and investigation of healthcare issues
  • Encouraging vigorous participation in the political process, including non-violent protest and VOTING!
  • With People Energizing Politics - PEP, endorsing and working to elect progressive legislators who support single-payer legislation
  • Ending the national embarrassment of being the only major country that doesn't provide healthcare to its people as a right

In order to do that, we need YOU! 

DUH is unique in its structure. We are NOT a 501(c)(3) or (4) - we're not tax exempt (donations are NOT tax deductible).  We chose to have the freedom to endorse specific candidates and legislation instead.

Another difference is that we call DUH a treeroots organization because, unlike "grassroots," trees are stronger, bigger, and way harder to kill! Grass may be part of the landscape, but tress, energized by their deep, strong roots, not only change the landscape, but can become it. Though lack of time and staff often leads us to not being as visible or present as we could be at conferences, rallies, and speaking opportunities, staying in our comfortable "sanctuary," preaching to our already-enthusiastic choir will do little to advance the cause. DUH hopes to lead in carrying our message outward to the general public, candidates and legislators, even into "enemy" territory. We welcome ALL who advocate for a universal, non-profit, comprehensive, publicly funded, equitable healthcare system in the United States and territories regardless of political views! Medical problems are nonpartisan – so, too, should their solution be. This site will remain a source for factual information, links to resources, and legislation. For the latest news and opinion, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter