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This Is DUH!

DUH's History

DUH was born in Sue's Chicago living room in 2011. At that point, DUH stood for Demonstration for Universal Healthcare and her idea was to unite single-payer activists in a demonstration on the National Mall to capture the attention of people who knew, as she did, that the ACA would fail to meet the healthcare needs of those who needed the most care. Though she was successful at obtaining all the permits she needed, the idea was shot down by other single-payer groups and in the end, due to lack of money, the Demonstration died. 

But DUH wasn't dead yet. Starting in 2013, the Demonstration for Universal Healthcare became the Drive for Universal Healthcare, and we toured 14 states and 33 cities in three years. DUH teamed up with Laurie Simons and Terry Sterrenberg, the couple who made The Healthcare Movie, and a core group of activists to take the film on the road.  Our first tour was from Maine down to Maryland and over to Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Illinois.  

The West Coast tour took place in 2014, and included the entire West Coast of California, Oregon, and Washington.

2015 was a bit disappointing but we don't regret a second of it! We'd planned to do a tour of the entire Southern region of the U.S., but we couldn't raise enough money to start in Texas and go across. So we had a shorter tour encompassing Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. Then we tried again to organize a major rally for healthcare on the National Mall - we were before our time and once again, lack of support and money impacted our efforts. It may not have been as major in numbers as we'd hoped, but we were proud that 271 people from all over the U.S., some as far away as Washington and California, came and heard our great speakers!

In 2016, we did a short trip to Ohio, and another to Charleston, South Carolina.

Since then, Sue and Donna have both had opportunities to speak and participate in conferences. Sue has officially become a Democratic Socialist after attending the inspiring People's Convergence Conference! She looks forward to supporting third party and truly progressive Democratic candidates on the 2018 Candidates page here!

DUH continues to grow in its social media dominance - at this writing (10/2017), close to 80,000 followers strong - and we are grateful and honored by every follower's involvement. We will continue to strive to provide the most factual, reputably sourced, interesting, inspiring, and occasionally funny content on both the DUH and POP pages, as well as the DUH Group. 

Read on if you'd like to know about our tours and the Healthcare Justice March!