This Is DUH!

Mission & Expectations


It's the mission of Demand Universal Healthcare (DUH) to advance the cause of establishing a truly universal, single-payer, comprehensive, equitable, publicly-funded national expanded and improved Medicare for All healthcare system in the United States. This mission is carried out by:

  • Informing the general public of the facts about such a system
  • Providing social media platforms on which to engage people in discussion, debate, and investigation of healthcare and other related social justice issues
  • Encouraging vigorous participation in the political process, including non-violent protest
  • Endorsing and working to elect progressive legislators who support single-payer legislation
  • Forming alliances and partnerships with other single-payer and social justice groups and individuals to support each other in our effort
  • Ending the national embarrassment of being the only major country that doesn't provide healthcare to its people as a right

In order to do that, we need YOU! 


DUH is unique in its structure. We are NOT a 501(c)(3) or (4) - we're not tax exempt (donations are NOT tax deductible).  We chose to have the freedom to endorse specific candidates and legislation instead.

We also don't follow the consensus model, preferring instead to have a structure of identifiable, accessible leaders with volunteer teams for the projects we take on. We believe that while everyone, be they a social media follower, project team member, volunteer, or someone we meet, has a valuable part to play in this battle, there are many people who don't want  to be leaders. Those folks will look for organizations and leaders for which they can show up, click, or wear a t-shirt. They are the ones we need the most and at DUH, their ideas, suggestions, advice, and constructive criticism will always be welcome.

Another difference is that we believe no treeroots* movement succeeds as fully and quickly as it can unless it is willing to interact with the "real" world to reach people outside the Internet. In order to have access to CNN, NBC/ABC/CBS, NPR, the New York Times or other media the general public is used to, they have to know the name of the person to call.  And leaders have to let them know that we expect to be asked for our reaction to the next Republican or Democratic bill, or news on HR 676 or S 1804, for that matter! Too often we make the mistake of staying in our comfortable "sanctuary," preaching to our already-enthusiastic choir. DUH hopes to lead the movement in spreading its wings and carrying our message outward, even into "enemy" territory!

DUH will never ask you for dues. Formerly, we financed each project we took on through specific campaigns and our own pockets. But one of the consequences of happily outgrowing our vision is that DUH needs staff! Donna is leaving to pursue her own social media vision which leaves me on my own with my technophobia! So in January, DUH will be launching a GoFundMe campaign, hoping to raise enough money to pay for at least a part-time person who can help with social media and communications. That way, I can tend to the website and make the 2020 Candidates pages more inclusive (I'd like to cover State-level races) and complete. If we can't raise the money from you - our allies, friends, and followers - something will have to go. But I remain optimistic that people will come through this time like they did for Bernie and Beto and Alexandria!

In the meantime, I ask for your patience with responses to calls or emails you may send. If it's urgent, please say URGENT in the subject line - otherwise, it may take a few days.

I look forward to the changes 2019 will bring and hope you'll visit often and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and our other social media platforms! And thank you ahead of time for your donation - every dollar will help the new DUH soar!

*I call DUH a treeroots organization because, unlike "grassroots," trees are stronger, bigger, and way harder to kill.