Check out our Facebook intro for the PEP page (currently "Politics Energuzed by Participation of the People"  awaiting FB's name change approval) :


PEOPLE ENERGIZING POLITICS will be our final name (sorry for the vacillation), once FB allows the change.

A NEW LOGO is coming,

And we WELCOME ALL who want to participate in making progressive, positive political change, whatever your cause or party affiliation. LET'S TALK!

Anyone can post on this page, but hateful, insulting, hurtful, repetitive, or false posts will be DELETED by the administrator. For an explanation of why, email Please feel free to post about your local events, organization efforts, or news, but remember that this page will be seen around the world and if someone doesn't live in the Alton, IL area, they don't want to see your conservation group's notice about eagle watching more than once!

We will seek to bring to your attention stories, videos, events, and opinions that inform, inspire, debunk, provoke, and occasionally entertain you and which may not be what you'll find on other pages. We will use proven trustworthy sources, including some which you'd prefer not to hear from but which are presenting important news and views - we don't believe all mainstream media, conservatives, or Russians are evil! Nor do we believe that you are stupid enough to buy into the propaganda of those who are, even the ones who are known to be progressive - anyone who tries to control your mind is evil to some degree. We trust in your ability to make up your own mind. Hopefully, we'll offer enough of what you like that you'll give us a thumbs up, but if not, there are plenty of other pages you'd like better.

A final "housekeeping" item, as they frequently say on conference calls. This page will contain profanity, "inappropriate" content (anti-religious, anti-gun, sexual, and otherwise) and the potential to offend anyone who is an avid fan of "The Bachelor/ette." I'm sorry, but if you can't get over it, you should probably just forget us - we wholeheartedly approved of Rashida Tlaib's impeachment battle cry!

And with that, take a look. Things will be changing slowly but surely and we trust you to let us know how you feel about it!