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These are by far not the only documentaries (or even feature films) about the U.S. healthcare system, but they're the ones we know best and which you can watch for free or a minor cost on the Internet.



Multi-talented actor, playwright, and dedicated healthcare activist Michael Milligan has written and performs these one-man plays that tell the stories of two very different men and how the American healthcare system affects their lives. Michael is currently touring with both plays and will be at the Greenhouse Theatre in Chicago from Sept. 7 - October 8.

Like many of us who work to push NIMA forward, Michael has medical issues himself and lacks the kind of insurance that would provide the care he may need. In his commitment to reaching an audience both inside and outside our usual "tent," he only charges "pay what you want" admission to his plays.

Though we highly recommend seeing the live performances, Michael has also generously made Mercy Killers available to watch on YouTube for free.

Healthcare Justice March

To see videos of the speakers at the HJM, go to our YouTube channel, Here is Dr. Louis Klein, providing his report on dealing with insurance company denials.