Welcome to Demand Universal Healthcare!

Does America need a new healthcare system? DUH! 

As 2018 winds down, polls show that healthcare is the number one issue on the minds of American voters, as well as that 70% of Americans favor Medicare for All, including at least 50% of Republicans. With the 116th Congress now controlled by Democrats in the House, including a freshman class NOT bought by corporate money, we have a realistic chance to move a bill forward.

Whatever the next year brings, we must welcome ALL those who are committed to seeing the U.S. provide healthcare - as defined in H.R. 676 - to everyone residing here. We must be united and relentless in our demand for it, no matter our political affiliation, our physical ability, or the methods we employ to amplify it.

This is our time - JOIN US in making it an historic one!

The FOX Town Hall

When it was announced that Bernie would hold a town hall on Fox News, there was an immediate wave of criticism from so-called liberals. Just more proof that Democrats eat their own, never learning from Republican loyalty to theirs. Why, I wondered. This was brilliant strategy and the kind of bold, unconventional risk that Schumer, Durbin and Manchin, not to mention corporate senators and presidential candidates Booker, Harris, Gillibrand, Klobuchar or any of the "maybe"s would never take. You can watch the whole hour-long event on YouTube, but for the highlights, David Doel breaks it down here.