This video is over 2 hours long. I know it's a lot to ask and you may have done it already, but I urge you - especially if you're NOT a Berner - to watch it all. The speakers before Bernie, particularly Destiny and Nina, oh NINA!, will make your heart beat faster and I sobbed, grateful that Bernie has THESE people around him, not criminals, liars, and hacks.

And then Bernie. "No, nononono NO! Not 'Bernie," YOU!" As always, diminishing his own importance and raising US up. It it is US who will have to see this man's vision within us if we are to realize it. WE must see it, choose it, feed, nurture, grow, arm, and protect it. If we don't, the forces of greed, corruption, manipulation, and hate will win. Let's for once turn the herd mentality OUR way and run to the left even as they yell and send the dogs to chase us to the right. Let's WIN!