DUH has chosen not to seek 501(c)(3) status deliberately so that we can endorse specific candidates and legislation. Since 2014, when Bernie was the only candidate we endorsed, in order to gain DUH's endorsement, a candidate must have not only said he or she supports UNIVERSAL SINGLE-PAYER HEALTHCARE FOR ALL, but they had to walk their talk consistently when speaking, appearing at public events, in what they wrote, and most importantly, in their voting record if they had held public office.

November 6, 2018 was an election day upon which we had a chance to cause a tsunami of change in Congress. We made definite progress in taking control of the House, but we failed in the Senate. We've seen stunning performances by freshmen Progressives defying "the way things are done," including nailing billionaires, unqualified Cabinet members, and even House "leadership." It is clear that not only will there be a whole new posse in town, but the New Way is here to stay.

Only if we on the Left - Progressive Democrats in more than name only, Independents, Democratic Socialists, and other third-party voters - are informed and make choices that serve our own interests and achieve the best results for our state/country can that wave finally hit and wash away the corrupt, fraudulent, hateful, profit-driven morass that is our current government. But we still have to get off our asses and turn the traditional "Lefties don't turn out to vote" into "The Progressive turn out was massive!"

And then we have to pay attention! Are the people we elected following through on their promises to reject corporate donations, to truly represent their constituents, not themselves, to fight the corrupt Party structure on behalf of those who voted them in?  approached it with a self-imposed idea of serving for two years, they wouldn't be on the phone drumming up money for the Democratic or Republican Party - they'd be governing. They would get things done, truly work "across the aisle," and at the end of the two years, they could run for re-election ON THEIR RECORD. And WE could choose them or not depending not on some TV ad or pop-up on our computer screen or robocall, but by asking one simple question - "Are things better for me/the state/the country since he/she has been in Congress?" If the answer is yes, or not much, maybe they deserve another term to prove they're the real deal. If the answer is NO, fire them!

It seems only right that DUH learn from its past lessons, so we are trying a New Way of our own. First, we expanded our reach by creating an "all causes" wing on our People Energizing Politics (PEP) page on FB. Though healthcare will always be our first priority, we are now embracing the climate crisis, poverty, immigration, war, LGBTQ issues, Native American sovereignty, criminal justice, racism, women's rights, education (or lack thereof), and the imbalance of wealth and power both within our boundaries and around the world, along with any cause that positively affects the lives of all Americans and those who want to be American citizens.

To that end, we've taken what we learned from 2018 and developed our endorsement policy and form, including establishing some standards that candidates must meet in order to earn our endorsement. Also, because we anticipate even more new Progressives running against corporate-owned Democrats as well as trying to flip seats, I had to come up with a way to list the candidates on the page that didn't require me to spend hours editing or writing bios to go with their pictures. So starting in November of this year, and every time after that (Alabama's filing deadline for the primary) that a filing deadline is met, endorsed candidates will be featured under their state with their video and a link to their website. ONLY YOUTUBE videos can be posted and a social media page is NOT sufficient for voters to see where you stand on the issues. Neither are the limited, scripted websites provided by Justice Democrats and Brand New Congress. There are plenty of free website programs available that will allow you to express your positions and your bio uniquely to you. Get a young, computer-saavy friend, family member, or volunteer to help create and maintain it.

More about our new viability standards later.

Our Winners in 2018