Welcome to Demand Universal Healthcare!

Does America need a new healthcare system? DUH! 

As 2019 brings harder struggles to all but the wealthy, polls show that healthcare is the number one issue on the minds of American voters, that over 70% of Americans favor Medicare for All, including at least 52% of Republicans. With the 116th Congress now controlled by Democrats in the House, including a freshman class NOT bought by corporate money, we have a realistic chance to move a bill forward.

Whatever the next year brings, we must welcome ALL those who are committed to seeing the U.S. provide healthcare - as defined in H.R. 1364 - to everyone residing here. We welcome gratefully the Republicans, members of the FB page Republicans for Single Payer and others. We must be united and relentless in our demand for it, no matter our political affiliation, our physical ability, or the methods we employ to amplify our DEMAND for UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE!

This is our time - JOIN US in making it an historic one!

Early Endorsements

It has been our policy thus far not to endorse anyone until their filing deadline is past and they know they’ll be on the ballot. However, we’re adjusting that policy a bit. We’re putting a list together of the 2020 candidates who’ve reached out to us seeking our endorsement and who we’d endorse if they were on the ballot and met our viability standards (see the 2020 Candidates page for a list). NOTE TO ALL: Two of those standards are first, that you have a website and secondly, that you have a YouTube video (this website service only allows YouTube) of 3 minutes or less introducing yourself and stating your positions on the issues that matter most to your potential constituents. If you are endorsed, we'll be using such videos instead of written bios on the 2020 Candidates page along with a link to your website where people can find out more.

We are also endorsing most of the incumbents we endorsed in 2018, along with some other incumbents who’ve impressed us with their performances in Congress. Some are freshmen who we missed endorsing in 2018. Unless they are being challenged by a new Progressive we feel meets our standards better, incumbents pictured can consider themselves endorsed and will receive notification shortly. Videos of committee hearings, floor speeches, and other videos related to their time in Congress will be taken from YouTube.

We’re announcing both lists via the cover banners on the DUH and PEP FB pages and adding new ones as necessary.

It’s our hope that if you’re running for the first time, your campaign will benefit by saying DUH supports your candidacy but can’t officially endorse you until people can actually vote for you. We know many of you are trying to exceed petition requirements, as well as raise money and though we’re certainly not the AFL-CIO, we ARE the only non-profit advocacy group who can endorse candidates due to not being a 501(c)(3) or (4).  

Good Guys

Though she has quietly proven her qualifications on the Judiciary Committee, former judge Veronica Escobar proves her humanity in this video. I don't believe there is a single person with a heart and a soul could see that photo of Oscar and Valeria without their heart breaking and their soul crying out.

Congresswoman Escobar earned our endorsement in 2018 and her compassion is one reason why.

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