What can YOU do?

Here are some ways that you can take action to help establish single-payer healthcare for all in the U.S.

1. USE SOCIAL MEDIA to keep yourself informed and the national discussion going! Join DUH’s Facebook page, the DUH FB Group (there’s also one for the Healthcare Justice March, though we hardly ever post there since the March happened in 2015) and follow us on Twitter @DUH4Healthcare and @HCJusticeMarch. If you’re a politics junkie, try our political FB page, People Overcoming Politics (POP).

2. MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT! – Know how your candidates rate on healthcare (and other issues that are important to you) and vote accordingly! Don’t be distracted by the misbehavior, false information, or even crimes of candidates and media alike. For the next election cycle, check our 2018 Candidates page (appearing as candidates announce) to learn who has earned DUH’s endorsement!

3. EDUCATE YOURSELF! First, know that the ACA and “Obamacare” ARE THE SAME THING! And If you don’t know the facts about single-payer, read the actual bill,H.R. 676, the Expanded & Improved Medicare for All Act. Also take advantage of fact sheets published by PNHP and on our Informational Material page. Your local organization may also have materials you can benefit from. The more you know, the more you’ll be able to challenge misinformation, alarmist propaganda, and spread the truth whenever you have a chance!

4.BECOME A RAPID RESPONDER! If you see, read, or hear something that makes your blood boil unleash your inner pundit and respond! Try to write, call or video as soon as possible since yesterday’s news is late and last week’s is old. Always respond to lies and alarmism with facts and be sure to attribute your sources or state when it’s your own opinion. Lots of times the reply can be done via comments online.

5. BECOME A PUBLIC SPEAKER and look for opportunities to share the FACTS about universal healthcare to different groups in your community! Electronic copies of fact sheets and other handouts you can print are available on the Universal Healthcare Basics page.

6. TELL YOUR STORY! We all know that the most effective argument you can make is to tell a legislator, skeptic, or truthseeker the story of your own personal experience. Chances are they will relate much better to personal struggles than they would to data and statistics. Calls for people to share their stories are frequently ignored due to concerns about privacy, shame, stigma, or retribution. It takes a lot of courage, but any revolution requires courage from the people daring to buck the establishment. Answer one of those calls and prove to yourself and the nation how brave you are! 

7. DON’T JUST “PREACH TO THE CHOIR!” – Be well-informed and willing to talk to anyone about single-payer! Battles are never won by assuming your audience can’t or won’t be moved or by giving up before you begin! We will need allies from ALL backgrounds in order to pass single-payer!

8. JOIN A SINGLE-PAYER ADVOCACY GROUP if you haven’t already. Chances are there’s at least one in your state and if not, you could join one of the national groups – Progressive Democrats of America’s Healthcare Is a Human Right team; Physicians for a National Healthcare Program (PNHP); the Labor Campaign for Single-Payer Healthcare; or Healthcare-NOW!, among others. And of course you’re always welcome to help with and attend DUH events – you can sign up for our email Activism Updates below!

9. HOST OR VOLUNTEER to help with a DUH event!

10. ATTEND A DUH event!

11. SUPPORT THE CAUSE by donating whatever and whenever you can to your favorite organization(s)!

These ideas and more are included in this downloadable document. Though it was created in order to provide guidelines for DUH in 2017 and beyond, we've had requests to share it. We invite you to use or adapt any of these ideas to fit your organiation's objectives.  

N. Carolina Healthcare activist Marcia Everett has come up with a creative idea to spread the word about National Improved Medicare for All and HOPE (Health Over Profit for Everyone) has run with it! As a member of the HOPE Coaliton, DUH is promoting this campaign.

Here's how it works:

We're asking everyone to put up signs that say HR676 – NIMA.  Begin on your own front door or windows, then on your vehicle, and then around your town. Don’t forget to ask your local home-town businesses, churches, and social organizations to join you in this campaign.

HOPE made graphics for the sign (pictured below). They are designed to be 18 by 24 inches. The file is too large to upload on this site, but if you want a copy, email info@healthoverprofit.org to ask for one. Or you can download these and print them.

​​Once upon a time curtains were called window treatments.  Playing on the pun of “treatment” needed for our sick healthcare system, let’s make OUR WINDOWS well!! Put a VERY VISIBLE HR 676 – NIMA  on a placard in your home and auto windows. You can put a sign EVERYWHERE that you can put up a POLITICAL CANDIDATE POSTER.
The idea is to get people to begin asking about these signs. When the local news starts explaining, we will know we have made an impact!

We must demand NATIONAL IMPROVED MEDICARE FOR ALL (NIMA).  John Conyers introduced HR676  every session of Congress since 2003 . It would be very helpful for the Senate to introduce the same wording for THEIR bill, and we need to get both passed.

YOUR participation in the WINDOW TREATMENT CAMPAIGN would be an important aid in obtaining the above objectives. 

And, as always, CONTACT YOUR LEGISLATORS! 202-224-3121 is the Congressional switchboard -- tell them who you're trying to reach and they'll connect you directly to his/her offce.

To reach all of your Representatives and Senators: Text RESIST to 50409. 
Then type, "The time has come for National Improved Medicare for ALL via HR676. Cosponsor this bill or you will be voted OUT!"

Do this every day!  
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