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Please include complete details: date, time, location (city AND state), any compliance issues, and costs involved, as well as a way to contact an actual person if we have questions.

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​We know there will be many events that occur in a vacuum. Media coverage is unlikely and local calendars of events rarely get noticed. So we must rely on you to let us know of any events we've failed to list. If people will have to make travel and lodging, child care, or time off from work arrangements in order to attend, please give us (and them) enough lead time to make that possible. Spontaneity is great, but not so much when you need a big crowd!


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Title: Celebrate Medicare's birthday with a call for Medicare for all at Bughouse Square
Sponsor: Illinois Single-Payer Coalition Chicago
What: We will have a speaker and a table at Chicago's annual Bughouse Square Debates
When: Saturday, July 29, 2017
Time: 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm 
Location: Washington Square Park, 901 N. Clark Street, Chicago IL 60610
Cost: Free
Wheelchair access: The event is held in a park with sidewalks; accessible bathrooms located in the adjacent Newberry Library
Food: street vendors
More information here: http://ilsinglepayer.org/event/celebrate-medicares-birthday-call-medicare-all-bughouse-square
Contact: Anne Scheetz, annescheetz@gmail.com, 773-486-6276

There will be a BOATLOAD OF EVENTS coming up in the next week and a half surrounding the AHCA and protests designed to KNOCK IT OUT!
REGARDING EVENTS ON OUR PAGE: PLEASE HEAR US CLEARLY ON THIS POINT: Our events list includes events that are ACA friendly. In other words, WE KNOW THAT SOME OF THE EVENTS we have on the list are designed to Save the ACA. THAT IS NOT OUR GOAL. Our goal is to PROMOTE IMPROVED AND EXPANDED MEDICARE FOR ALL AMERICANS. THERE IS NOTHING THAT SAYS WE CANNOT GO TO AN ACA-FRIENDLY RALLY TO SUPPORT THE GOAL OF PROMOTING AND EXPANDING NATIONAL IMPROVED MEDICARE FOR ALL. WE WOULD SUGGEST THAT WHEN YOU GO TO THESE EVENTS, YOU MAKE YOUR POSITION CRYSTAL CLEAR THROUGH YOUR SIGNAGE AND YOUR GEAR THAT YOU WEAR. THAT IS OUR INTENT.   Events in the first calendar are from our DUH - Demand Universal Healthcare Page.  Following that calendar is another calendar.  Events in the second calendar are from our People Overcoming Politics (POP) page on Facebook.  

DUH - Demand Universal Healthcare