2018 Candidates

U.S. House & Senate Candidates

U.S. House & Senate Candidates


  • Audri Scott Williams (PD)
    Audri Scott Williams (PD)

    Audri is running for Congress in the 2nd District. She is an amazing woman. She is the Global Trustee for URI (United Religions Initiative),a former U.S. Army Reservist, former Dean at Charles County Community College, Author, World Peace Walker (walking with a group of peace activists over 2,000 miles), and activist. And her three sons have made her a grandmother 14 times!.


  • Dmitri Shein (PD)
    Dmitri Shein (PD)

    Dmitri is running for the At-Large seat in the House. He and his mother immigrated to Alaska from Vladivostok, Russia when Dmitri was 12. His mother earned an engineering degree and Dmitri became a traveling CPA, assisting Tribal governments to balance their books and keep grant money flowing to much-needed projects. He is an innovator, too, selling products he's invented and designed on the Internet. His travels have taught him the struggles many Alaskans go through, especially with the unaffordable health insurance (the highest in the nation) there. Dmitri believes that "universal healthcare is the only logical healthcare model that can provide both the best patient outcome, and lower the cost of medicine."


  • Mary Matiella (D)
    Mary Matiella (D)

    Mary is running in the 2nd District for Congress. The daughter of farm workers, she knows the value of hard work. Her lovely intro video is great, but hard to get a bio from, so we recommend you go to her website and watch!

    Mary obviously knows right from wrong, something we need desperately in Washington! As she says about healthcare, "While most prosperous countries have moved to a universal health care system, we have stayed in a “sick care” system that costs more and provides less. Medicare for All would drastically reduce administrative costs, help with negotiating drug prices, and encourage preventative care. Because Medicare for All will save billions of dollars annually, providing health care for all Americans is not only the right thing to do, it will actually save lives and money, too." You got it, Mary!

  • Joan Greene (PD)
    Joan Greene (PD)

    Joan is running for the House in the 5th District. And she brings a bipartisan genetic tie to politics to this race. Her grandmother, her grandfather (both Democrat politicians), and her cousin, who was a three-term chairman of the Arizona Republican Party clearly fueled an interest in public policy, government and actively serving her community, as well as bipartisanship. Joan is also a successful entrepreneur with 30 years of success in marketing which started with serving non-profits and now has billion-dollar clients.

    Joan brings some unique arguments to her support for universal healthcare. She vows to "make sure that Congress does not try to sneak in 'genetic predisposed' law or discriminate against the LGBTQA Community to stop them from receiving the coverage they deserve. And much to our delight, Joan would introduce a bill "that would allow sealed and unexpired medications to be donated to approved clinics for disbursement to those who need the medicine but cannot afford it."

    We hope Joan will carry on her family's political legacy by being a tenacious fighter for Medicare for ALL!

  • Garrick McFadden (D)
    Garrick McFadden (D)

    Garrick is running from the 6th district and his love of learning was instilled in him early on by his public school teacher parents. It motivated him to Buena Vista University in Storm Lake, Iowa. At BVU, he was selected to interview Nobel Peace Prize winner F.W. de Klerk who told Garrick how lawyers and activists were responsible for ending Apartheid. After that, he knew he wanted to be a force for good and he attended law school at USC. He later earned his Masters in Business Taxation and has used his knowledge to help small business and Internet start-ups reach their potential.

    Garrick's statement on healthcare is one of the most unique. Not only is he a passionate advocate for the rights of the disabled, being directly impacted by disability himself, but he says something we all need to hear: "Transitioning to a Medicare-for-all, single-payer system is necessary. The transition, however, will likely not be easy and involve work." We agree wholeheartedly - that's why we need Garrick in Congress!

  • Scott Menor (I)
    Scott Menor (I)

    Scott is an Independent running for Congress in the 9th District and we are impressed by his ability to somehow state his platform without dogma or ideology attached to any one position. He is obviously not happy with our current healthcare system and lists salient facts as to what's wrong with it. What got us was "Making profit is great, but making exorbitant amounts from people who will suffer or die if they don't pay so that someone contributing nothing to society can have a second yacht is ridiculous." How can you argue with that?


  • Paul Spencer (PD)
    Paul Spencer (PD)

    Paul is running for Congress in the 2nd District. He understands that decisions made by legislators directly affect Arkansans, and how those policies rarely reflect the concerns of the people.

    Following the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling in 2010, Paul formed a local group called Regnat Populus (“The People Rule”). Regnat Populus successfully influenced the passage of an Ethics Amendment in 2012. With the help of others, Paul also co-founded the Arkansas Democracy Coalition to unite organizational voices against dark money and corruption in politics.

    Paul holds a B.S. in Anthropology from Franciscan University, where he met his wife Stephanie, who has worked as a registered nurse for the last 25 years and knows well the failings of the U.S. healthcare system. With their sons Paul, Ryan, and Isaac, in their "spare time," they grow pecans and keep bees.

    Paul starts out his statement on healthcare with, "Despite their divisions, Americans agree we need to fix our broken healthcare system." We agree and appreciate him pointing out that this may be the issue that unites us most.

  • Robb Ryerse (PR)
    Robb Ryerse (PR)

    Before you faint, yes, Virginia, there IS a Progressive Republican and he's running in the Arkansas 3rd! Brand New Congress found him first and we were...skeptical. But Robb reached out to us and Sue asked him some hard questions. After some email exchange, we were reassured by his answers (he believes in separation of church and state; while pro-life personally, he doesn't believe the government should tell a woman what she can and can't do reproductively and won't try to repeal Roe v. Wade; and he is a solid supporter of Medicare for All)

  • Lee McQueen (I)
    Lee McQueen (I)

    Lee is running for the House from District 4 as an Independent. The majority of her positions are progressive, as is her stance on healthcare, but her approach is to present it as fiscally responsible which will appeal to the more conservative voters in her district.


  • Alison Hartson (PD)
    Alison Hartson (PD)

    Alison is running for the Senate challenging Diane Feinstein, who has held the seat for 25 years and is now a classic corporate Democrat. Alison is a Justice Democrats candidate.

    She has been a high school teacher where she saw income inequality and was inspired to act. She signed up to volunteer for Wolf-PAC where she joined the fight to end the corruptive influence of money in politics. She went from being a volunteer in California to being a National Director working on that and other issues of social justice.

    As Feinstein sits back and adds to her $70M fortune, it's a fresh new voice like Alison's that we need in the Senate.

  • David Hildebrand (DSA)
    David Hildebrand (DSA)

    David is the only Democratic Socialist running for the Senate in CA. Unfortunately, he had not yet filed when we endorsed Alison. Because we feel David has some valuable experience that is different from Alison's, we're violating the first rule of endorsement - only one candidate per office - adding him without taking our support away from her. Both are strong candidates and how great would it be to have to chose the GREATER of two GOODS?

    David has a strong background, not only as an activist, but as a legislative analyst for the State of CA. We'll be looking for good video of the candidates debating! He has also taught us an important lesson - in 2020, we'll wait until the filing deadline in each state has passed before endorsing anyone!

  • Marge Doyle (PD)
    Marge Doyle (PD)

    Marge is running for the House in 8th district. Healthcare is her top priority, having decided in high school to
    pursue a nursing career. She went on to work as an RN for over 40 years. She is currently Director of Operations for Pamorris Healthcare Solutions, a company dedicated to opening HIV clinics throughout the United States.

    We took notice when Marge addressed an issue seldom discussed - the need for more doctors. "I support the bipartisan Conrad State 30 & Physician Access Act," Marge says, "which allows international doctors to remain in the U.S. upon completing their residency under the condition that they practice in rural and underserved communities, and I will oppose any immigration bans and visa restrictions that needlessly jeopardize our district’s ability to attract and retain quality medical professionals." We need someone like Marge to stand against Trump's racist and xenophobic policies!

  • Dotty Nygard (PD)
    Dotty Nygard (PD)

    Dotty is another nurse who's sick of the health care mess! She's running in the 10th District. She frequently treats patients in the ER who come there out of desperation because, being uninsured, it is their only access to healthcare. Dotty acts as a patient advocate in addition to her nursing duties.

    Her concerns aren't limited to healthcare - she worries about the tax plan and the economy, went to Standing Rock to be part of the medical team that cared for the Water Protectors and continues to act to protect the environment, and seems to be the kind of Representative who will indeed take her constituents' voices to Washington.

  • Stephen Jaffe (PD/DSA)
    Stephen Jaffe (PD/DSA)

    Stephen is running in California's 12th District, the seat of Nancy Pelosi. He is an attorney with a long history of fighting for the underdog, specializing in employment law (for employees only).

    His position on healthcare couldn't be more clear - "Universal health care does not cost more than our present system and reduces waste. Small and new businesses will flourish because entrepreneurs and employees will have their health expenses met by society. Single-payer now!"

    Not only is he highly qualified, but there's just something delicious about an unapologetic Socialist beating a corporatist!

  • Ricardo Franco (PD)
    Ricardo Franco (PD)

    Ricardo is running in the 22nd District. Heis the proud descendant of immigrants who fled war in Mexico over 100 years ago. Today, his family boasts farmworkers, small business owners, veterans, education pioneers, civil servants, church goers, doctors, employers, construction workers and agri-business managers, aswell as hopefully, a U.S. Congressman!

    Ricardo left the Fresno area after high school to attend The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. He then returned to the Central Valley to start a career in private business that would give him opportunities to work with businesses from small mom-and-pop stores to large, multi-national corporations.

    Unique in his support of Medicare for All, Ricardo includes making healthy food affordable for all and eliminating food deserts which so often trap low income people into eating "food" that causes or exacerbates preventable health problems.

  • Angelica Duenas (G)
    Angelica Duenas (G)

    Angelica is running in the 29th District. She's the daughter of immigrants and was arrested on December 5 for protesting at Senator Feinstein's office in support of DACA.

  • Kenneth Mejia (G)
    Kenneth Mejia (G)

    Kenneth is running in the 34th District. We highly recommend that you read the Meet Kenneth section at his scripted website. Kenneth and his family have overcome hardship and he is one Green candidate who's not close to destitute, having made many sacrifices to excel in his profession. He could've just sat back and banked his paycheck, but he's chosen instead to be an active warrior for justice in his community and hopes to in Congress as well.

  • Doug Applegate (PD)
    Doug Applegate (PD)

    Doug is running from California's 49th district. National Nurses United has endorsed him.


  • Tamika Lyles (PD)
    Tamika Lyles (PD)

    Tamika is running for the Senate to unseat Bill Nelson and what a great replacement she would be! The daughter of a single mom who taught her a strong work ethic, she excelled in school, graduating early and pursuing a pre-med degree. However, a great teacher opened her eyes to the world of law and policy and she changed her focus to Law.

    After serving in the Air Force Reserve medical squadron during the Iraq war, she returned to earn her law degree at the Birmingham School of Law.

    After moving to Florida, Tamika recognized the unjust barriers many Americans encountered when pursuing social security or disability claims and she founded a non-profit organization specializing in mediation: negotiating fair treatment for victims of civil rights violations, and finding solutions for those facing homelessness due to eviction.

    Tamika recognizes the intersection between healthcare and poverty, injustice, and quality of life. We have no doubt she will be a force to be reckoned with!

  • Chardo Richardson (PD)
    Chardo Richardson (PD)

    Chardo is running in Florida's 7th district. He's endorsed by Brand New Congress and Justice Democrats, but he is more than a cookie-cutter candidate. A native of Mississippi, Chardo was the guy who protected other kids from bullies, served in the Air Force and witnessed with compassion the injustice, oppression, and injustice that people struggle with in other countries. His response was to work with the oppressed, here and abroad, and to earn a law degree which he's put to good use fighting the endless battles the ACLU dedicates itself to. Ending mass incarceration is his special cause, but we'd love it if he would speak out against the fourth-world country healthcare most inmates are subjected to! We look forward to seeing and hearing more of Chardo's own words and feelings as debates begin!

  • Michael Hepburn (PD)
    Michael Hepburn (PD)

    Michael is running for the House from the FL 27th. He is a Justice Democrat and also part of a Brand New Congress! Michael's story is one of inspiration and success through both education and early community service. A native of Miami, he bloomed while attending a magnet school and the world of possibility opened up when he and his team won the distinguished Miami Herald Silver Knight in Athletics from Miami Central Senior High. He attended college and entered the professional world with confidence, working in businesses like Target and Nike and then with the NFL.

    President Obama's election inspired Michael to to decide to return to grad school where today he uses his Masters degree in Higher Education Administration as a Senior Academic Advisor for the School of Business at the University of Miami.

    Though he has thoughtfully broken down "the healthcare mess" into several solutions, we liked his simple statement: "There has always been a simple solution to our health care mess: cover everyone with Medicare." Touchdown!


  • Lisa Ring (PD)
    Lisa Ring (PD)

    Lisa is running in the Georgia 1st. As a military wife, a military mother, and a former corrections officer, we have no doubt that she's tough enough to handle Congress! We were pleased to see Medicare for All listed as her first priority and part of her progressive agenda.

  • Josh McCall (PD)
    Josh McCall (PD)

    Josh is running in GA's 9th District. The son of two factory workers, Josh learned about hard work early. He also learned about job lock as his father , now retired from Lockheed, drove 100 miles each way to work every day, in large part so that he could get good insurance for his family.

    Josh earned a B.A. in English and a Masters in English Education from the University of North Georgia, as well as a Masters in Classical Languages from the University of Georgia. He's been teaching high school since 2003, with some of those years spent as an instructor in college at UNG. Josh, his wife Jenifer, and heir three girls have resided in Gainesville, GA.

    Josh has a unique view of the path to single-payer. He favors a "National American Health Service, similar to the British NHS. We may very welll get there someday, but for now we really liked his reasoning - "From birth to death, every American must have guaranteed access to life-saving health care without a price tag, because our lives are worth more than money."


  • Kaniela Ing (PD)
    Kaniela Ing (PD)

    Kaniela is running in Hawaii's 1st District. Raised by a single mother, he saw hardship in his community that inspired him to run, at age 22 in a Republican District, for the State House. He won and held office for six years.Though he doesn't say much about Medicare for All, Kaniela is the only candidate who even mentions it. That, his progressive record, and extensive platform won us over!


  • Mat Tomkowiak (I)
    Mat Tomkowiak (I)

    Matt is an Independent running for Congress in the 3rd District. He has a PhD from Princeton and his dissertation was on "the nature, historical origins and policy consequences of health politics in America." On his website, he says, "If elected, I will fight with every fiber of my being for single payer." He'll be up against machine Dem Dan Lipinski, so if you want a smart, single-payer activist in office, send him some money, volunteer, and VOTE for him!

  • Anthony Clark (PD)
    Anthony Clark (PD)

    Anthony is running to unseat long-time corporate Democrat Danny Davis in Illinois' 7th district in Chicago. He is a Justice Democrats and Brand New Congress candidate. He calls it like it is! "It’s time to end the destruction of American healthcare by rapacious, price gouging, for-profit, private health insurance middlemen."

  • David Gill (PD)
    David Gill (PD)

    David is running for Congress in the 13th District and is the first candidate to earn DUH's endorsement for 2018! An ER doc and family medicine practitioner, he's seen the harm the current system can do. David has been endorsed by Justice Democrats and Brand New Congress.

  • Brian Deters (PD)
    Brian Deters (PD)

    Brian is running in Illinois' 18th District and he attended a forum on healthcare in Peoria where Sue spoke. She appreciated him coming up after the talk to introduce himself and admit that he believed in Medicare for All, but felt he didn't know enough about it. His eagerness to learn (rare among politicians!)led Sue to check out his website.

    No surprise to discover that Brian has made a career in education. He holds a bachelors of science in Secondary Education from the University of Illinois and a Masters of Science in Educational Administration from Illinois State University. He has taught sociology and history, as well as coached soccer, at Morton High School and College du Leman International Secondary School for the past 23 years.

    His statement on healthcare was stronger than he gave himself credit for: "Ultimately, a single-payer system (Medicare for all) would be the best option. If funding it truly became a priority in Washington - as growing numbers of Americans would like to see - then we could solve the travesty that now millions of Americans potentially will not have healthcare provided for them as per the elimination of the ACA mandate in the GOP Tax Plan." It's DUH's pleasure to endorse a man who loves to learn and teach and has good commons sense, too!


  • Dan Canon (D)
    Dan Canon (D)

    Dan is running in Indiana's 9th District and while he includes the public option in his healthcare policy statement, he also says he'll support HR 676 and is familiar with the PNHP. We'll recommend he read some of the articles they've published on the public option! The rest of his policy positions are definitely progressive, though many are also incremental. However, he favors foresight, something that Bernie exemplifies and which we need more of!

  • Lane Siekman (D)
    Lane Siekman (D)

    Lane is running for Indiana's 6th District. He got his Bachelors degree in finance and economics before earning his law degree at Indiana University. He then returned to Rising Sun, the optimistic-sounding town where he opened and still has his law office. We expected him to focus on the financial benefits of Medicare for All - and, indeed he has a firm grip on those facts - but we were pleasantly surprised to find a "money man" with morals and heart!
    It was these words that got him DUH's endorsement: "Yet, when it comes to caring about our people, we stumble as a nation. We are told that we can't do what is right because it would be too expensive, too much government, or even 'take away freedom.' It's time to put solutions over politics."


  • Courtney Rowe (PD)
    Courtney Rowe (PD)

    Courtney is running for the House from Iowa's 1st district. She is a Justice Democrats candidate and would replace Tammy Baldwin, now a senator, as the only openly lesbian member of the House.

  • Paul Knupp, Jr. (PD)
    Paul Knupp, Jr. (PD)

    Paul is running for the House in Iowa's 3rd. Medicare for All is the first thing on his issues page and he has an interesting idea about how to fund it.


  • Chris Haulmark (PD)
    Chris Haulmark (PD)

    Chris is running in the Kansas 3rd District. Having been Deaf since the age of 1, his stance on healthcare is rightly colored by his awareness and concern for the Deaf community's endangerment if the ACA's pre-existing conditions clause is repealed. As he says, "Will America become a country where people are considered less for what marks their minds or their bodies? Or will we make sure that a person’s color, beliefs or disability does not say who they are or how they should be treated?" Chris Haulmark knows what the right answer is!


  • Reggie Thomas (PD)
    Reggie Thomas (PD)

    Reggie, elected to the Kentucky State Senate in 2013, is now running for Congress from KY's 6th District. He will be aiming for Republican Andy Barr's seat and is taking full advantage of his power as a speaker as he launches videos explaining where he stands on the issues and why. His strong stance on Medicare for All may be influenced by his family's experience with the U.S. healthcare system, as his wife Lynda lost her battle with cancer in 2015. Whatever his reasons, we're sure that Reggie is the breath of progressive fresh air Kentucky needs!


  • Zak Ringelstein (PD)
    Zak Ringelstein (PD)

    Zak is running for the Senate and comes to the table with a strong background in education. He has taught in Maine's public schools, worked on early childhood education policy at the White House, gave a TEDx Talk on standardized testing, and collaborated with Senator Mark Warner and Representative Gabby Giffords to facilitate nationwide civics lessons in schools (clearly urgently needed!). He states clearly that Medicare for All will be his top priority - DUH approves!

  • Jonathan Fulford (PD)

    Jonathan Fulford (PD)https://www.fulfordforcongress.com/
    Jonathan is running in Maine's 2nd District. He is truly a man of the people, making his living as a farmer, co-owner of Neptune Maritime, president of Artisan Builders and enjoying Maine's bountiful natural beauty.
    He credits the access to care he got with the ACA for enabling him to fight prostate cancer (of which he's free), but he's also been active with MaineAllCare, one of DUH's allies, as an advocate of single-payer.


  • Rob Davidson (PD)
    Rob Davidson (PD)

    Dr. Rob Davidson, like the vast majority of ER doctors, is a strong advocate for NIMA. He's running from Michigan's 2nd district with the intent to push H.R. 676 further toward passage. Rob is a Justice Democrats candidate.

  • David Benac (PD)
    David Benac (PD)

    David is running from the 6th district. He is endorsed by Justice Democrats and Brand New Congress. DUH is impressed by his connection of health to other issues - he obviously sees the big picture!

  • Dion Adams (PD)
    Dion Adams (PD)

    Dion is running in the 5th District. He has, like many MI candidates, decided to challenge the status quo which, in Michigan, has been worse in the last eight years than in most places. He is a true progressive, but also a "regular guy," set to represent people like him. He's the retired owner of a small business - Underdog Diesel - and the current vice-chair of the Mecosta County Democratic Party.

    Dion is a true advocate for M4A, but we give him special applause for this - "You will hear a lot of rhetoric this election cycle about "access" to affordable health insurance. As nice as that sounds, it doesn't address who gets what type of access, or what's defined as affordable. It also leaves insurance companies in the driver's seat, deciding the kind of care you receive." Language matters, and Dion has pointed out how the corporate Dems have co-opted the words of the healthcare movement to trick people into thinking they want more than the status quo. Dion will never be an ACA apologist and we hope he'll soon be calling them out on the floor of the House!


  • Brian Santa Maria (PD)
    Brian Santa Maria (PD)

    Brian is running in Minnesota's 3rd District and man!, is he running! It doesn't hurt that he's been a comedy writer, but this has to be one of the best reads in all the websites we've poured over in the last weeks. His page on healthcare made it clear that he GETS it. As he says, "...I believe, deeply, in the soul my God gave me, in not-for-profit medicine because it saved my life. "


  • Angelica Earl (PD)
    Angelica Earl (PD)

    Angelica is the only Democrat running against Blue Dog Claire McCaskill. As an ACA insurance verifier she heard enough horror stories to motivate her to run against the DINO McCaskill who "feel[s] that Obamacare can be fixed, that the budget is in such a huge deficit that we can't possibly afford universal healthcare." To Angelica - and DUH - that is not okay. Of course she will receive not a penny from the Democratic Party, anti-Progressive as they are, but Angelica has the guts to run anyway so we endorse her and urge you to send her a few bucks. Only by challenging the corrupt status quo (McCaskill took roughly $900,000 from healthcare industries in 2012) will we win the kind of Congress we're SUPPOSED to have!

  • Cori Bush (PD)
    Cori Bush (PD)

    Cori is running in the 1st District which includes St. Louis. She has compelling proof that she knows exactly what people in her District worry about - what it's like to live paycheck to paycheck, how to put food on the table for her children, how to survive homelessness and domestic violence. Cori plans to take those experiences with her to Congress, using them to fight for the disadvantaged, the disenfranchised, and the voiceless. As a former registered nurse in the mental health field, she also has a passion for improving our healthcare system, especially for the mentally ill.


  • Paul Theobald (D)
    Paul Theobald (D)

    Paul is running for Congress in Nebraska's 3rd District. He's a strong advocate for people in rural areas and has taught and written about rural life. What caught our eye was his comparison of Medicare for All to the strong community ethic that results in farmers pulling together to bring in a harvest if their neighbor gets sick. That kind of caring for each other is exactly what we need!


  • Reuben D'Silva (PD)
    Reuben D'Silva (PD)

    Reuben is running Congress in Nevada's 1st District. Reuben was born in Mumbai, India and immigrated to the U.S. as a toddler. Until the late 1990's, he and his family lived as undocumented immigrants, but Reuben is a perfect example of a Dreamer who grew up to excel academically, serve his country in the military and his community in a variety of ways, inspiring young people through his teaching and mentorship, and even saving lives.

    He graduated Rancho High School where he served as Senior Class President and then attended the College of Southern Nevada and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). He enlisted in the Marine Corps and was deployed to Iraq where he was shot through the forearm, but still managed to return fire and suppress the enemy until his fellow Marines could escape. He was awarded both the Purple Heart and Naval Achievement Medal for his heroics, but spent the following year in a military hospital recovering from his wounds. After his rehabilitation and medical discharge from the Marine Corps, Reuben returned to Las Vegas and graduated from UNLV with a Bachelor's degree in History. He then earned his first Master’s degree in Global Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, and a second Master's degree in Comparative Religion and Politics at Yale University. Despite lucrative job offers, Reuben returned to Nevada teach history at his high school alma mater, coach girls' basketball, and promote college, career, and civic readiness in his classroom.

    "It is time for the United States of America to implement a universal health care system. A single-payer healthcare model is what we must orient ourselves towards," says Reuben. We appreciated his insistence that "We cannot forget the health issues plaguing the poor, the pregnant, the migrants, the terminally ill, the homeless, and other vulnerable populations.

  • Amy Vilela (PD)
    Amy Vilela (PD)

    Amy is running for the House in Nevada's 4th District. She and her husband have become healthcare activists after losing their daughter because she was denied access to the medical care she needed. DUH first heard Amy's story when she spoke at the National Single-Payer Conference in New York City in 2016, before she ever decided to run for office.

    Amy has had a lifetime of struggle. Raised by a single mother from age 9, she became one myself when a high school marriage didn't work out. She depended on public programs like Medicaid, WIC, and food stamps to survive. She attributes this public assistance, along with determination, for enabling her to get through college and start a career in accounting, as well as marrying her husband David and raising four girls.

    The death of Shalynn brought tragedy to the family, but it also ignited in Amy a fierce determination to prevent other families from going through the same needless grief. In addition to her support for HR 676, Amy also supports the Nurse Staffing Standards for Hospital Patient Safety and Quality Care Act and mandated nurse-to-patient ratios in our nation’s hospitals. She also supports repealing the heinous Hyde Amendment (which S. 1804 would do) and the Equal Access to Abortion Coverage in Health Insurance (EACH Woman Act) which prohibits political interference with private health insurance companies’ decisions to cover terminating a pregnancy.

    Amy is truly a warrior for our cause and for the advancement of public policy that provides food, housing, mental health and medical care to all those in need.


  • Lincoln Soldati (D)
    Lincoln Soldati (D)

    Lincoln's running in the New Hampshire 1st District. He has a long history of community activism, as well as ascending the Democratic Party ladder, despite adhering to his progressive values in his positions on the school board, as County Attorney and as Mayor of Somersworth. His statement on healthcare may not be new or different, but in that he sort of reminded us of a certain other progressive from New England.


  • Lisa McCormick (PD)
    Lisa McCormick (PD)

    Lisa is running for the Senate against embattled Democratic incumbent Bob Menendez. She is a true progressive and her stance on abortion is the most courageous we've seen from a politician in a long time.

  • Jim Keady (PD)
    Jim Keady (PD)

    Jim is running in the 4th District. Remember when Governor Christie screamed at that guy to "sit down and shut up"? That guy was Jim and his persistence in sticking to his principles, even if it meant being the target of negativity seems to us like a good qualification to have for a Congressman!

    Jim is undoubtedly the kind of fighter we need in order to achieve a single-payer Medicare for All system in this country. He has personally experienced dealing with our current system - happily, with good results - but, as he says, "Had we not had health insurance through my mother’s employer, my father’s last few years with us and our family’s financial stability would have suffered immeasurably, possibly bankrupting us. Unfortunately, this is the reality for millions of Americans: being forced between the rock and hard place of taking care of their loved ones, while having to manage their own financial interests."

    To DUH, Jim's personal experience, his compassion towards others, and his pragmatic belief that our healthcare system must be funded by a FAIR tax plan was more than enough to get our vote - making Christie mad enough to yell at him was just the cherry on top of the sundae!

  • Peter Jacob (PD)
    Peter Jacob (PD)

    Peter is running from New Jersey's 7th district and has the endorsement of Justice Democrats. Raised in Union, New Jersey, in an Indian-American family, Peter attended Union County College, continuing his undergraduate studies in Sociology at Kean University. Soon after, Peter earned a Master of Social Work degree from Washington University in St. Louis, the top-ranked program in the nation.

    During his college years, Peter was a student activist and leader. He worked with the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW), the YWCA, and the International Institute. Meanwhile, he continued to proudly campaign for health care reform, environmental sustainability, and immigrant integration in the United States. After moving back to New Jersey, he immediately began work as a community organizer, developing and maintaining a homeless shelter program through a coalition of churches, businesses, schools, hospitals, and individuals. Peter witnessed the impact of the financial crisis helping people to rebuild after losing homes, jobs, and health insurance. These experiences assisting the most vulnerable sticks with Peter to this day.

    Progressive to the core, Peter follows the People's Platform which includes prioritizing universal healthcare, among the other issues promoted by the platforms of several people-based organizations. There's no doubt in our minds that he will be a bulldog in the fight for M4A!


  • Pat Davis (PD)
    Pat Davis (PD)

    Pat is running for New Mexico's 1st District seat. A former police officer, executive director of ProgressNowNM, and an Albuquerque City Councilman, Pat would be NM's first openly gay Representative.

    "It’s time to do the right thing. Let’s end the debate about who should have health care and acknowledge health care as a basic human right. That’s why I’ve always supported a single-payer “Medicare for All” system." That's Pat's battle cry on healthcare and he has personal reasons for supporting M4A. As someone who experienced seizures in his early adulthood, he will always be identified by insurance companies as someone with a pre-existing condition, though he's been seizure-free for years. And his grandmother, at the age of 102 lives at home with his parents, getting the healthcare she needs through Medicare. Pat wants everyone to have the same opportunity to live and die with dignity, secure in the knowledge that healthcare is not an issue to worry about. May Pat's grandma livetosee him sworn into Congress!


  • Michael DeVito, Jr. (D)
    Michael DeVito, Jr. (D)

    Michael is running in the 11th District. His views on healthcare are personal as well as factual - his wife Natalie has an incurable genetic disease that requires frequent treatment. Michael is a Marine vet, having enlisted at the age of 17 and earning many medals, including the Bronze Star, before he retired. He began his career in public service with the New York Center for Interpersonal Development as a Personal Advocate for the Staten Island Young Adult Borough Center program, and has helped over 2,000 “at-risk” students get their high school diplomas. He's currently chair of the Youth WINS Partnership, a collaboration of organizations creating pathways to employment for young adults.

    His slogan is "Let's run together" and he actually is a runner, having won Staten Island’s Triple Crown Award at the age of 43.

  • Elaine DiMasi (PD)
    Elaine DiMasi (PD)

    Elaine is running in NY's 1st District. She has spent 21 years as a federal contractor and project
    manager at the Brookhaven National Lab, delivering world-leading solutions in energy, environment and health. She's enthusiastically supported by a national grass roots movement seeking to elect more people with scientific backgrounds to Congress.

    We loved how she started her statement on healthcare - ”Health. Life. Freedom. You can't have one without the other two. If you have a serious illness or injury but have no health care, you're not free. You're not free to live your life and move around the way you normally would." True! And we love supporting scientists with their affinity for truth!

  • Pat Ryan (PD)
    Pat Ryan (PD)

    Pat is running from NY's 19th District, hoping to take the seat away from freshman Republican John Faso. We liked that he was focused on the people and specific concerns of the district, calling attention to the access problems for healthcare in the rural parts of his area. But he really got us with his opening line on healthcare: "A good healthcare system is central to a strong community: It keeps families healthy, provides quality jobs, and allows each of us to achieve economic security." All true and yet seldom made points.

  • Patrick Nelson (PD)
    Patrick Nelson (PD)

    Patrick is running in NY's 21st District, his motto being, “21st Century Policies for 21st Congressional District."
    After high school, Patrick attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where he graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biochemistry and Biophysics. He attended the School of Law at St. John's University from 2012 to 2013 where he was a Dean's List Student and represented low-income defendants being sued by large financial institutions and vulture capitalists as a Public Interest Fellow with the NYS Unified Court System.

    As a Delegate to the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church USA, Patrick fought for marriage equality with an amendment to the Presbyterian constitution which was finally adopted by a super-majority at the 2014 Presbyterian General Assembly.

    Patrick has also tried his hand at entrepreneurship, working with two early-stage nanobiotechnology companies. This taught him about the challenges faced by new businesses and he came to see how universal healthcare and student debt relief could help small businesses grow and thrive.

    He's another who likes bullet points, but the first bullet under "Healthcare" is "Improved and expanded Medicare for All." That's good enough for us!

  • JG Hertzler (PD)
    JG Hertzler (PD)

    JG is running in the NY 23rd District. Trekkies may recognize him, as will fans of Mark Twain, as his acting career has encompassed such a range. Personally, Sue thinks he could be the Dos Equis' Most Interesting Man in the World. But he's not just a Variety coverboy. He says he's been an actor for 45 years and an activist for 55; he's a union man three times over and proud of it; and for the last four years, he's served on the Ulysses town council. He IS an exceedingly interesting candidate and his passion for single-payer (you get the feeling every time he says it he speaks in capital letters!) makes it one of his top priorities. We hope he will soon be elected to go "where no Klingon has gone before!"

  • Scott Comegas (PD)
    Scott Comegas (PD)

    Scott is running in the 24th District. He has a touch of Libertarianism in his knowledge and reverence for the constitution - he makes a good argument for healthcare to be included in "the general welfare" - as well as the individual's right to thrive and prosper. But he could also be a Green as an alpaca farmer and a proponent of unity or a Democratic Socialist in his commitment to sustainability and fierce independence. He has obviously spent some time learning about S 1804 and we're always glad to see candidates who can correctly list the benefits of M4A.


  • Wendy May (D)
    Wendy May (D)

    Wendy is running in NC' 2nd District and is the first LGBTQ candidate from that area. She's a disabled vet and has done a lot of work within the Democratic structure - now she has a chance to effect more change from within.

  • Jenny Marshall (PD)
    Jenny Marshall (PD)

    Jenny is running in NC's 5th District. She's a teacher, NEA member, and worked on Bernie's campaign, as well as many other local political organizations.

  • Gerald Wong (PD)
    Gerald Wong (PD)

    Gerald is running in the 6th District and we were impressed by his statement on healthcare and we loved his tag line - Make America Create Again! But he got Sue with two things - his ink (they both have tattoos, though his is way more dramatic) and his great story of overcoming the opposing forces in his life by being open to possibility.

  • Philip Price (D)
    Philip Price (D)

    Philip is running in the Western N Carolina 11th District. While his statement on healthcare was not the fiercest, he got us with the last 14 words!


  • Samuel Ronan (Himself)
    Samuel Ronan (Himself)

    Samuel is running for Ohio's 1st District. Sam is an Air Force veteran, moving steadily upward in the ranks due to his work ethic and strong leadership skills. When he was honorably discharged from the Air Force he used what he experienced and witnessed of the "gross misconduct of our nation's elected leaders and their abuse of power that resulted in a two week government shutdown..." to fuel his passion to "build a platform and a political base focusing on putting the American Citizen first and politics second!" He started the Average Joe Initiative to show all Americans that they can, and will make a difference in their nation by simply believing in their own strength. Today, he is dedicated to bringing the voice of Ohioans to Washington.

    It was hard to pick one quote from his Healthcare issue page, but this is one thing we haven't read from anyone else - "You are an integral part of this nation, and it owes you a debt of gratitude. By being a member of this country and paying taxes, you deserve to be treated like a human being, and part of that involves being secure in your life should the unthinkable happen to you!"

  • J. Michael Galbraith (D)
    J. Michael Galbraith (D)

    Mike is running in the 5th District, currently the seat of Republican Bob Latta who voted against CHIP and for the draconian AHCA. A financial analyst, Mike obviously understands the benefits of Medicare for All to business and the economy.


  • Jim Crary (PD)
    Jim Crary (PD)

    Jim is running in Oregon's 2nd District. His strong statement on healthcare includes details about what Medicare for All would cover and how people in his district would be affected.


  • Molly Sheehan (PD)
    Molly Sheehan (PD)

    Molly's now running for PA's 5th District (used to be 7th) and her issue statement on healthcare was one of the best we've ever read. We would argue with her over her call for slow implementation (a hard lesson learned from the ACA), but she did a masterful job combining her scientific background, her strong sense of morality, and her consideration of how single-payer would benefit her constituents.

  • Greg Edwards (PD)
    Greg Edwards (PD)

    Greg is running in PA's 7th District. He has along history of community service, starting with an education in the 2016 inaugural class of the Martin Luther King, Jr. College of Pastoral Leadership at Morehouse College, for his exemplary leadership in advancing Martin Luther King’s Beloved Community through peace, truth, justice and nonviolent direct action. In 2017, during their Sesquicentennial celebration, Morehouse further honored Greg, inducting him into the college’s prestigious Martin Luther King Jr. Board of Preachers with Rev. Dr. William Barber.

    A graduate of Geneva College (Bachelor of Science in Urban Ministry Leadership), the University of Delaware’s Graduate School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs (Certification in Community Economic Development), Drew University (Master of Divinity), and the New Brunswick Theological Seminary (Doctor of Ministry in Prisons, Transformative Justice and Public Policy), Greg has been awarded the NAACP Man of Vision Award, the Peace Pilgrim of the Year Award, the Community Development Award by the Allentown Human Relations Commission, the William Gray III Leadership Award, and the prize for Multi-Cultural Church Leadership from Drew University, where he simultaneously served as President of the Theological Student Association and the Black Ministerial Caucus.

    He states that as a Congressman, he would fight for "Medicare for All legislation that centers people over politics."

  • Jess King (PD)
    Jess King (PD)

    Jess King is running from the PA 11th (used to be 16th). We like her slogan, "America is for all of us." Jess is a working mom who is living her Mennonite faith. After graduating Bard College with an MBA, she fulfilled her commitment to a year of unpaid service to the community. But her love of serving the people in her community didn't stop there. She went on to become founding Executive Director of the Union Project, an effort that restored an abandoned church into an arts and social enterprise incubator. Jess has been Executive Director at ASSETS since 2010 and has expanded the organization's impact ten-fold, helping new businesses to start and established ones to flourish, transforming Pennsylvania communities through business.

  • Chris Rieger (D)
    Chris Rieger (D)

    Chris' district was changed from the 3rd to the 16th District where he seeks to replace the Republican incumbent, Mike Kelly. He's an attorney, helping people with debt relief (he's well-versed in how many bankruptcies are caused by medical debt), landlord-tenant disputes, and consumer protection cases.

  • Tom Prigg (PD)
    Tom Prigg (PD)

    Tom is running in the PA 17th, the district where Conor Lamb won his court case. Tom used to run in the 12th District. He's a Renaissance man, having served in the Army, earned a degree in Neural-Psychology and Sociology, attained a Graduate Certificate in Emergency Management and Public Health Preparedness, climbed mountains, extracted core samples from icebergs, earned another Bachelors for Creative Non-fiction writing and subsequently became a contributing writer for USA Today – College, as well as being published by National Geographic, among others. Oh! And he appears as a stunt double climbing the side of a NYC apartment building in "A New York Heartbeat." Come to think of it, Congress may bore him!


  • Joe Cunningham (PD)
    Joe Cunningham (PD)

    Joe is running to defeat Mark Sanford in SC's 1st District. He brings a rich variety of life experience to his campaign, with fatherhood being very recently added with the birth of his first son, Boone. In addition to now learning the process of diaper-changing, Joe earned his Bachelor's degree in Oceanic Engineering from the College of Charleston, working as a runner for a small law firm and as a deckhand on tugs and barges in the summers, saving his money to help pay for his education.

    After graduating, Joe worked at a small firm designing, permitting and overseeing the construction of marina and coastline development. During that time, Joe worked with various state, local and federal agencies and environmental groups in acquiring all necessary permits and striving to ensure the development did not negatively impact the marine environment. In addition to having his private pilot’s license, Joe also earned his SCUBA certification.

    Joe then began his education in law. While in law school, Joe worked several jobs, gaining valuable experience in both civil and criminal areas of the legal profession. At the prosecutor’s office, and with a limited license to practice law, Joe worked with local and state law enforcement agencies, presenting indictments, arguing motions and prosecuting felonies. He also served as President of the school’s Student Bar Association and was eventually elected as the American Bar Association’s Vice-Chair of the Law Student Division, where he fought to curtail the ever-rising costs of legal education. Upon graduating law school, Joe accepted a position at a small boutique firm in Charleston, where he continues to practice.

  • Sean Carrigan (D)
    Sean Carrigan (D)

    Sean is running in S. Carolina's 2nd District. He retired from the Army in 2015 after 28 years of service, during which he was selected to run the largest general medicine ward at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. We had a dilemna about Sean in that he mistakenly thinks the ACA can be fixed by a Medicare buy-in (how much on top of what we've already paid in?) for 55-year-olds. He also seems to favor the erroneous idea of a long-term implementation (using the establishment language of "responsibly" replacing the ACA with Medicare for All. But his support of Roe v. Wade, his concern for veterans' care and his understanding that M4A "will create a win-win-win scenario for our citizens, our businesses, and our communities," as well as his strong character won us over. Besides, we happen to know that there's a kick-ass advocate down there who can educate him on the realities of the buy-in approach!


  • Marc Whitmire (PR)
    Marc Whitmire (PR)

    Marc is running from Tennessee's 2nd district. Like Arkansas' Rob Ryerse, he is that rarest of candidates - a Progressive REPUBLICAN! He's endorsed by Brand New Congress and his stand on healthcare is exemplary of the kind of fact-based, fiscally responsible argument all Republicans should be embracing. Marc is, however, also informed about the corruptive influence of big-money corporate donors on both sides of the aisle and his determination to end that is also why he has DUH's vote!


  • Veronica Escobar (D)
    Veronica Escobar (D)

    Veronica is running in the 16th District. Beto O'Rourke, the current Rep.,is a corporate Democrat who has not signed on to HR 676 and supports the Medicare buy-in notion. Veronica is a former El Paso County judge who has a history of expanding access to care through the hospital system, as well as helping to create the El Paso Children’s Hospital, the only stand-alone children’s hospital on the border.

  • Rick Trevino (PD)
    Rick Trevino (PD)

    After working for the Sanders campaign in 2016, Rick is now running for the House from the Texas 23rd district. He has the endorsement of Justice Democrats.

  • Chris Perri (PD)
    Chris Perri (PD)

    Chris is running from the 25th District. He's a defense lawyer who has served as supervising attorney for UT Law’s pro bono Texas Expunction Project which has helped hundreds of indigent Texans clear wrongful arrests from their backgrounds so that they can get jobs and find housing.


  • Tom Taylor (PD)
    Tom Taylor (PD)

    Tom is running in the 4th District and has called Salt Lake City, Utah his home for nearly his entire life. He attended school in the Granite school district, pursuing study in hard sciences at Cottonwood High School. After graduation, he attended the University of Utah where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering with an undergrad specialization in simple robotics. He then became a PhD candidate at the University of Utah in the highly-regarded Robotics Track program where he created a completely mobile motion capture system that would allow the wearer to record their movements in any environment. Tom has a deep love for the sciences and sees technology as a vital piece of our nation's growth.

    Tom believes the healthcare system we have is completely broken, rife with waste and corruption. He supports expanding Medicare to cover all Americans. As he says, "The craziest part of all of this is that we already have a solution that guarantees healthcare while being incredibly cost-efficient when compared to private insurance. It's called Medicare and it works."


  • Bernie Sanders (PD/DS)
    Bernie Sanders (PD/DS)

    We could just put "LOL" here, but since Bernie is the fuel that lights our fire, we should go on and on and on. But we'll let him tell you about the issues. You'll notice on this campaign website page that Bernie includes several things other candidates hardly, if ever, mention - the creation of an HIV/AIDS-free generation, plans for Puerto Rico and Guam, and the empowerment of Tribal nations and Native Hawaiians. If that's not enough for the people of Vermont, let alone the nation, then, as Mrs. Landingham famously said, "Well, Jed, then I don't even want to know ya."


  • Dorothy Gasque (PD)
    Dorothy Gasque (PD)

    Dorothy is running from Washington state's 3rd district and has a trifecta of endorsements - Brand New Congress, Justice Democrats and DUH! She also has a kick-ass website (not to candidates using social media only - GET A WEBSITE like hers so people seeking to endorse you can see where you stand on the issues!)

  • Christine Brown (D)
    Christine Brown (D)

    Christine is running in the 4th District. She may turn out to be a party-line Dem, but DUH liked her thoughtful and pragmatic examination of the history and controversy of healthcare in this country, as well as her established advocacy for M4A. The energy and enthusiasm with which she participates in marches and rallies is not just political - we believe she really enjoys it! She's the only challenger to Republican incumbent Dan Newhouse and we suspect she's a fighter!

  • Robert Hunziker (PD)
    Robert Hunziker (PD)

    Robert is running in the 8th District. His family was working-class, and the paycheck-to-paycheck life, for Robert, it's impossible to forget what it means to choose between late bills and a proper trip to the grocery store. The recession hit him hard - newly married, without a home, car, or job, in a suddenly grim job market. he and his wife moved around, staying in hotels, chasing down any work available. He took far less than his work as an IT contractor was worth more often than not. Though the wages in his industry are livable, "the pay structures of the gig economy are only contributing to America’s 45-year streak of wage stagnation."

    Robert is a Candidate with a Contract, pledging he won’t take a dime of PAC, superPAC, or corporate money, now or ever. he says, "I have no interest in representing entities whose sole purpose is the generation of profit, especially when that pursuit leads to the damage or destruction of already-vulnerable communities."

    Though he website is weak on healthcare, mentioning only standardization of costs, we've heard him speak at a forum and his support for M4A is solid. He's running in a crowded field, most of the other candidates have more money, so we hope that DIH's endorsement will help him even the playing field and keep his promise not to take corporate money. Send him a few bucks!

  • Sarah Smith (PD)
    Sarah Smith (PD)

    Sarah is running in the 9th District and is another Brand New Congress candidate. Her story about Medicare saving her father's life, as well as her statement on healthcare as a right earns her DUH's endorsement. She also made a kick-ass video about the DNC denying her and other progressive candidates access to a crucial tool used to activate likely Democratic voters. Watch! https://www.facebook.com/pg/humanistreport/videos/?ref=page_internal

  • Tambourine Borelli (PD)
    Tambourine Borelli (PD)

    Tamborine is running in WA's 10th District for the seat currently held by Denny Heck who acts more like a Republican than the corporate Democrat he is when it comes to healthcare. Tamborine's political fire was lit, as so many others were, by Bernie's campaign and she has carried on by getting involved in Election Justice USA and Represent US, organizations looking for solutions to our electoral system mess.


  • Paula Jean Swearengin (PD)
    Paula Jean Swearengin (PD)

    This is the biggest smile we've seen on Paula Jean's face and that's fine with us because she's a fighter who's serious about saving W. Virginia's water, Appalachian families, and making sure everyone, especially the coal miners, has the healthcare they need. She is challenging Joe Manchin for his Senate seat and she will take no shit once she's there.


  • Randy Bryce (PD)
    Randy Bryce (PD)

    Randy is running for Congress from the Wisconsin 1st against the reviled Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House and co-author of the cruel American Health Care Act. Randy is a vet, a cancer survivor, and an iron worker. Paul Ryan is a...well, you can fill that in.

  • Tom Palzewicz (D)
    Tom Palzewicz (D)

    Tom is running in the 5th District, the seat Jim Sensenbrenner now occupies. It would be great if a Democrat could replace that Republican! Tom has a variety of experience, including in the Navy on a nuclear sub; as a banker helping people understand investment and financial strategy, and as a small business owner. Though he tends to be brief and to the point in his issue statements, he declares (rightly) that "Universal healthcare is the only logical solution to our country’s healthcare needs."


  • Gary Trauner (D)

    Gary Trauner (D)https://traunerforwy.com/about/
    Gary is running for Republican John Barasso's seat in the Senate. We LOVED the video on his Home page and his comprehensive understanding of our healthcare mess. Sue especially appreciated his observation that while technological advances are necessary and beneficial in medicine, they aren't always what works best. Going to the doctor used to include the squirmy-yet-somehow-reassuring experience of your doctor seeing you naked. Gary seems to understand the harm done by the extinction of that experience. In any case, we want to see him ride a buffalo into the Senate!