Welcome to Demand Universal Healthcare! Does America need a new healthcare system? DUH! 

Healthcare is a basic need -- we believe that need should be met for everyone living in our country.

Join us and add your voice as we Demand Universal Healthcare!


PRIMARY SEASON has begun with one victory and two run-offs among our Texas candidates! Next up will be Sue's home state, Illinois, on March 20. Voter turnout was at record levels in Texas - let's keep it that way!

If any of our almost-100 candidates are running from your district or state, we encourage you to donate or volunteer to help their campaign. Links to their websites will be included so go there and learn where they stand on issues you care about. This will be an election that we ALL should be involved in beyond simply voting knowledgeably. So watch, learn and then ACT! 


Alison Hartson - Senate

 Alison came out early in her fight to unseat the oldest (85) female senator, Diane Feinstein. She brings with her a history of service to others. Alison spent a decade as a public high school teacher in the working-class community of Garden Grove, CA. Seeing the evidence of economic inequality, she was inspired to begin volunteering for Wolf-PAC, an organization dedicated to ending political corruption. As a volunteer, Alison organized thousands of people in California to pass a measure through the state legislature that will begin the process of getting big money out of politics. She went on to be a National Director for Wolf-PAC and they have now passed the measure in five states, with volunteer teams in almost all 50 states.

Alison will fight for people, not corporations, because she has vowed not to take a cent of corporate or PAC money, unlike Feinstein, who is said to be worth 70 million dollars.

Alison quotes Bernie Sanders in her statement on healthcare. "'Right now, if we want to move away from a dysfunctional, wasteful, bureaucratic system into a rational health-care system that guarantees coverage to everyone in a cost-effective way, the only way to do it is Medicare for All.' Doctors agree. Nurses agree. Patients agree. What the majority of Americans want is to not have to decide between buying food and buying medicine." WE agree!