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Healthcare is a basic need -- we believe that need should be met for everyone living in our country.

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Randy Bryce is running for Congress against Paul Ryan. He announced his candidacy with this video, which clearly defines him as a fighter for Medicare for ALL and for the people of his district in Wisconsin.

We at DUH imagine a Congress filled with Randy Bryces and Sarah Smiths. We can see a Senate shaken up by Paula Jean Swearengin and Alison Hartson.

To that end, we will be featuring videos here from the 2018 candidates we've endorsed. If they are running from your district or state, we encourage you to donate or volunteer to help their campaign. Links to their websites will be included so go there and learn where they stand on issues you care about. This will be an election that we ALL should be involved in beyond simply voting knowledgeably. So watch, learn and then ACT!