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Well, we finally got through candidates' websites - found an amazing number of Independent, DSA, Green, and truly Progressive Democratic candidates! Our original plan was to feature a video every week from each one on this page throughout the primaries, but to our delight, we don't have enough weeks! So now the plan is to give each candidate a couple days as the Featured Candidate. We'll list them in numerical order of when their primary date is and by the Districts they're running in.

If they are running from your district or state, we encourage you to donate or volunteer to help their campaign. Links to their websites will be included so go there and learn where they stand on issues you care about. This will be an election that we ALL should be involved in beyond simply voting knowledgeably. So watch, learn and then ACT! 


Jess King (PD)

Jess King is running in PA's 16th District and is the only Mennonite candidate we know of. Unlike many who call themselves people of faith, Jess doesn't just wear hers like a costume when it's politically expedient; she lives the Mennonite principles of responding to basic human needs and working for peace and justice. Jess has served her community guided by those principles, fighting for affordable housing and community development, organizing across differences to build an economy that works for all. She served as the founding Executive Director of the Union Project, an effort that restored an abandoned church into an arts and social enterprise incubator. In 2010, she became Executive Director of ASSETS, an organization that supports economic development by helping businesses to start up and grow. From serving 150 business leaders in 2010, ASSETS helped 1,500 last year, quadrupling the number of businesses started and grown from 22 to 93 per year, and supporting entrepreneurs in creating or retaining over 350 jobs.

While economic justice is her passion, she counts healthcare among her top priorities. She has spoken out strongly in favor of Medicare for All and in the video, conducts an outside "town hall" on healthcare when Republican incumbent Lloyd Smucker refused to. Jess is just the kind of courageous, principled Congressswoman we need!