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Well, we finally got through every candidate's website, found an amazing number of Independent, DSA, Green, and truly Progressive Democratic candidates! Our original plan was to feature a video every week from each one on this page throughout the primaries, but to our delight, we don't have enough weeks! So now the plan is to give each candidate a few days before their primary. We'll list them in numerical order of when their primary date is and by the Districts they're running in.

If they are running from your district or state, we encourage you to donate or volunteer to help their campaign. Links to their websites will be included so go there and learn where they stand on issues you care about. This will be an election that we ALL should be involved in beyond simply voting knowledgeably. So watch, learn and then ACT! 


Dan Canon (D)

Dan is running for the House in Indiana's 9th District. Dan is, by his own admission, not your usual politician. A high school drop-out, he worked his way through college and then law school by being a music teacher. He practice as a civil rights lawyer has given him the opportunity to hear a lot of stories from teachers, union laborers, veterans, police officers, inmates, and immigrants and refugees. No stranger to speaking truth to power, Dan has taken on several governors and even the President. He was part of the legal team that argued the case of Obergefell v. Hodges before the United States Supreme Court to help gay and lesbian couples achieve the equal right to marry. 

Dan places healthcare at the top of his priority list, rightly pointing out that,"The simple fact of the matter is: Americans cannot truly be free when their healthcare is tied to an employer, or when their lives depend on the profit margins of giant corporations." He is also one of three (out of 70) candidates who mention PNHP (Google it!) in his healthcare policy statement.

  • Dan Canon