Welcome to Demand Universal Healthcare! Does America need a new healthcare system? DUH! 

Healthcare is a basic need -- we believe that need should be met for everyone living in our country.

Join us and add your voice as we Demand Universal Healthcare!

The next primary coming up is not until August 2, a Thursday, when Marc Whitmire and Steven Reynolds face their opponents in Tennessee.  Marc was the first Republican we endorsed and we so hope he will prevail, along with our progressive Democrat!

Next up on August 7 are Kansas, Missouri Michigan and Washington, followed by Hawaii (Saturday, August 11), and on August 14,  Minnesota, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

If any of our candidates on these pages are running to represent your district or state (don't forget to check the Gubernatorial Candidates page), we encourage you to donate or volunteer to help their campaign.

This will be an election that we ALL should be involved in, so watch, learn and then ACT! And most of all, SHOW UP AND VOTE!


Today's Featured Candidate

Ammar Campa-Najjar CA-50

Ammar won his primary in the 50th District of California. He was born in East County, the son of a Palestinian Muslim father and a Mexican Catholic mother. He was raised in San Diego until the family moved to Gaza for four years. When war made it unsafe to remain, Ammar, his mother and brother returned to San Diego. The family struggled, and Ammar sought work as a janitor in a church, where he later became a youth leader. He attended community college and graduated from San Diego State University, after taking time off to help reelect President Obama.

Following the election, Ammar secured a White House position in the Executive Office of President Obama, but when he was unable to afford the move to DC, he took out a loan in order to serve on the team that selected the 10 letters that the president read every night.

He then worked at the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) before moving on to the U.S. Department of Labor where Ammar led the Office of Public Affairs for the Employment and Training Administration (ETA). There he was instrumental in promoting a nationwide an "earn while you learn job" that pays apprentice workers an average of $60,000 a year.

He built up his political knowledge and experience during his years in government employment, and on healthcare he displays his political saavy, giving Party-liners what they want to hear with, "Congress must fix the ACA, not undermine it and tear it down with nothing to replace it...If elected, I would vote to take immediate action to (1) lower the cost of prescription drugs by having Medicare negotiate prices, (2) provide a public option to compete with the private sector based on who provides lower costs and higher quality service and (3) as a short-term solution, allow individuals ages 50-64 years old to buy into medicare."

But he also has a separate page for Medicare for All on which he says, "A Medicare for All system would set prices for medical services and prescription drugs. It could eliminate deductibles, co-pays, premiums and caps on cost-sharing. It could also promote better care, and reduce unnecessary services, through evidence-based guidelines. Removing private insurance industry profits from the system frees billions of dollars for providing healthcare to more Americans...If elected to Congress, I would be proud to support Medicare for All." And with that, we are proud to support him!