Welcome to Demand Universal Healthcare! Does America need a new healthcare system? DUH! 

Healthcare is a basic need -- we believe that need should be met for everyone living in our country.

Join us and add your voice as we Demand Universal Healthcare!


Bernie Sanders unveiled his healthcare bill at a press conference on September 13, surrounded by many of its 16 Democratic co-sponsors and several patient and provider advocates. It was met with the expected immediate villefication by Republicans, including the almost-embarrassingly ignorant comment of the daughter of Mike Huckabee. “I can’t think of anything worse than having the government be more involved in your health care," press secretary Sanders said.

Really, Sara? Perhaps a few of the millions whose cancer or MS treatment options have been eliminated by insurance companies being "involved in your health care" would like to educate Sara about what's worse. Maybe the family of someone who died after being denied care would like to explain what's worse. Maybe I should tell her about how Medicaid has taken four of my eight medications away because if you're sick in Illinois, you're only allowed four drugs, no matter how complicated your disease and how many co-morbidities come with it.

Bernie's Medicare for All Act would sure be better for me, for the people who no longer would have to die unnecessarily, and for the MS and cancer patients who would receive the treatment that they and their doctors decide is best for them.

We must thank Senator Sanders -- yes, even though this is NOT "S. 676" -- and lobby our senators to support his Medicare for All bill, especially the Democrats who teeter on the fence and the Republicans who are fed up with Trump and/or genuinely care about lowering healthcare costs, not to mention their constituents! We must show the corporate puppets that we can be just as loud and passionate in our support as we are in our opposition.

We proved our power in defeating four attempts (the latest being Graham-Cassidy) to pass cruel and immoral legislation meant to "replace" the ACA -- let's do it again!