The Drive for Universal Healthcare is now DEMAND UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE! While we will still travel the country to create DUH events (be sure to check out the What’s Next page), we just can’t afford to travel as we did in the past. So the Drive isn’t dead–just different! Our commitment, our enthusiasm, and our undying belief that the U.S. can achieve Expanded & Improved Medicare for All within our lifetimes, is unchanged!

DUH is a “right to like” organization–everyone has the right to like us or not. We don’t have members and we’ll never ask you to pay dues. We welcome anyone who wants to participate in a DUH project by volunteering their ideas, time, skills, connections, and money toward making it successful, but we stand by our right not 
to be a cookie cutter advocacy organization. If you don’t like us, feel free to find an organization that suits you better–we encourage everyone to get more involved in the fight for universal healthcare whether it’s with DUH or not. There are great single-payer groups in almost every state, so find the one that’s right for you!

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One of the several valuable lessons we’ve learned in the five years DUH’s been in existence is that we need to support the efforts of EVERY group and organization whose goal is to achieve single-payer healthcare, even when their methods are different than ours. We must attract new young activists spanning all demographic categories. We need to stage more demonstrations, more lobbying, more ways in which our demand is too relentless for legislators and the media (at least the Internet media) to ignore. And we need to use every tool available—printed material, public speaking, letters and email, legislative resources, and social and Internet media–to educate and mobilize the public, the unions, faiths of all kinds, and the business community to unite with us and make our demand more powerful.

In other words, there’s a lot of work to do. And we need lots of people who won’t bail when things are inconvenient or uncomfortable or downright hard.

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As Sue mentioned in her speech at the Healthcare Justice March, “No matter how many times we’re told, ‘It’s not the right time,’ or ‘You’re never going to get that law passed with this Congress,’ or ‘The insurance companies have billions and you have nothing – you’ll never win,” we will NOT give in to pessimism and WE WILL NEVER GIVE UP!” 

Neither will DUH.


September, 2013 East Coast Tour