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Welcome to DUH! Demand Universal Healthcare is a source of information and, we hope, inspiration for all who are interested in truly universal, publicly funded, comprehensive, single-payer healthcare for ALL in the U.S.! Whether you are a seasoned veteran in this fight, a business ally, a legislator, or a new citizen activist, DUH can provide you with the factual information you need to further the cause!

DUH Mission Statement play keno online nsw

It is the mission of Demand Universal Healthcare (DUH) to advance the cause of establishing a truly universal, comprehensive, and equitable single-payer healthcare system in the United States. This mission is carried out by:

  • Informing the general public of the facts about such a system what is the best online casino uk

  • Encouraging vigorous participation in the political process, including non-violent protest

  • Working to elect progressive legislators who support H.R. 676 and/or other single-payer legislation

  • Forming alliances and partnerships with other single-payer activist groups and individuals to support each other in our efforts wms slots jungle wild

  • Providing social media platforms on which to engage people in discussion, debate, and investigation of healthcare and other related social justice issues wizard of oz slots online

  • Ending the national embarrassment of being the only major country that does not guarantee healthcare as a right to all its people

Since 2012, DUH has gone through several “evolutions” (read about them on the DUH History page!), but we are now Demand Universal Healthcare because that is what we all need to do. The time is long past for polite suggestions, requests, and pleadings – the single-payer movement started over 100 years ago and has never made it further than a committee room, despite several visionary presidents promoting it. Now, sparked by the Revolution that Bernie Sanders paved the way for, it’s time that we stopped being polite and started holding our elected officials’ feet to the fire!


DUH was born out of the desire to bring less talk and more action to the fight. As the Drive for Universal Healthcare, we’ve had the wonderful experience of meeting “average” activists in 16 states. We staged a demonstration on the National Mall in DC – the Healthcare Justice March – in honor of Medicare’s 50th anniversary. And we are proud to say that we worked to get Bernie Sanders elected and now we will be working to support  Jill Stein, Green Party presidential candidate,  as well as other Green, Progressive and Independent candidates. Both Jill and Bernie have been strong, consistent proponents of single-payer for their entire careers despite the opposition they face. 

In that effort:


DUH has changed our Bernie Sanders – DUH page on Facebook to the new DUH – Greens & Progressives page.

Though there are differences in how and for whom we decide to vote as individuals, as an organization, DUH endorses Jill Stein. jillstein winpalace casino for mac

But we also regard as a primary goal the promotion of “down-ticket” Green and other progressive candidates.

Our 2016 Candidates page now includes more extensive information about candidates who, in our opinion, best reflect the Bernie/Jill vision of our country. Most are from the Green Party, but there are also some “Berniecrats” and independents who we feel are worthy of your vote.

An acknowledgement – it will take faith and courage to break away from the major parties. Unfortunately, Green candidates and others rarely have the money, let alone the infrastructure and social media saavy, to compete with the well-designed websites, radio and TV commercials, and Twitter feeds of Establishment politicians. I guarantee many of you will NOT be impressed by what you see at their campaign websites, if they even have one. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have what it takes – give them a chance! Unless we reject the fear-mongering of the two dominant parties and dare to believe in a better reality, we will be stuck in a downward spiral of more, and even worse, Trumps and Clintons.

DUH is a “right to like” organization. Some people may not approve of our organizational structure – we don’t follow a consensus model as many “grassroots” organizations do. We have an identifiable leader (founder Sue Saltmarsh) and a Deputy Director (Donna Ellington, also Social Media Director). We have “DUH-sters,” – some who would qualify as “staff” (see the DUH Team page) and most who are followers, or supporters, or allies, not members. Nobody is paid and you will never be asked or expected to pay dues, though when we have a fundraising effort for a specific project (like a tour or an event), we will ask you for money. And we assemble “Needs Teams” for projects who can donate certain skills, talents, and/or connections to the effort. We rarely have even $100, but we’re not in this for the money, that’s for sure!

Anyway, the point is that if DUH doesn’t suit you, there are plenty of other single-payer organizations that might. Look locally, since there are organizations in almost every state! Some state organizations we’ve worked with: SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


PDA Logo

SPAN Ohio’s Debbie Silverstein & Sue


MaineAllCare_logo slots slots


Labor Campaign logo


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And there are MANY more!

It’s undeniable that single-payer healthcare makes sense (and cents!) – please explore the site and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, drop us an email at duh4us@gmail.com. It might take a day or two, but we’ll get back to you!

In the meantime, stay healthy, aware, and elect truly progressive candidates in November!

If you’d like to subscribe to out semi-monthly Activism Updates, sign up here: vegas casino online



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