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From now on, we'll be featuring the candidates who won their primaries but haven't had a "featured" day or whose day was a long time ago. Our goal is to feature each primary winner by October 4 when we'll start putting up a banner for each state in which we've endorsed a candidate. Unfortunately, we have more candidates than days, so some will be combined. Louisiana's candidates, Verone Thomas (3rd) and Ryan Trundle (4th), will be featured on November 5 since their "primary" is on the 6th, along with Election Day itself. If necessary, they'll have a run-off on December 6. In the meantime, please support them -- they're Progressives in Louisiana, for Pete's sake!

No more candidates will be endorsed.

If any of the candidates on these pages are running to represent your district or state (don't forget to check the Gubernatorial Candidates page), we encourage you to donate or volunteer to help their campaign and finally VOTE!

This will be an election that we ALL should be involved in, so watch, learn, and then ACT! Think your vote doesn't count or that politics has nothing to do with your life? Tell that to the parents of the kids poisoned in Flint; to the of victims of Sandy Hook, Orlando, and Parkland; and to the 16-yeaar-old girl raped by a priest and then forced to have the child by the ideologues who will do NOTHING to help her or her child. Tell it to everyone on the Coasts now suffering an alphabet of hurricanes because Trump and American greed are destroying what little natural balance exists, always choosing profit over science.

Politics not only influences your life, it IS your life. From the cost of milk to the cost of gas (financial and environmental); from your right to freedom of speech to your right to love who you love; from your stupid apathy that perpetuates wrong to your fierce activism that drives you to courageously run for office to create change, politics is yours.

It doesn't matter why or how -- PROGRESSIVES MUST VOTE!




As a 34-year-old son of refugees from Africa, Joe isn't your typical candidate. Over 35 years ago, Joe’s parents fled Eritrea and immigrated to the United States as refugees, eventually settling in Colorado, where he and his sister were raised. As hardworking immigrants and naturalized citizens, Joe’s parents never forgot nor took for granted the freedom and opportunities the United States gave them and their children. Their experience motivated Joe to be an active participant in our democracy at an early age, and to give back through public service.

First, after graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder summa cum laude and working for the then-Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives, Andrew Romanoff, Joe co-founded New Era Colorado, the state’s largest youth voter registration and mobilization non-profit in Colorado. The organization has since registered over 150,000 young people to vote across the state, secured successful passage of progressive legislation at the state level, and has led the fight locally against climate change.

Later, while still in law school at CU, Joe was elected in 2008 by the voters of the 2nd Congressional District to serve on the CU Board of Regents, becoming only the second African-American to be elected Regent in Colorado’s history. Joe served a six-year term on the Board, including two-years as Chair of the Audit Committee. As a Regent, Joe fought to make higher education more affordable and accessible and sponsored several resolutions that received bi-partisan and unanimous support, including efforts to lower student health insurance costs and make voter registration more accessible to students, as well as working to increase wages for the University’s lowest-paid workers.

Following his term as a Regent, Joe was appointed at the age of 31 to lead the state’s consumer protection agency. He led the department for two years, fighting to expand economic opportunities by protecting the civil rights of every Coloradan and strengthening consumer protections and safeguards. During his tenure, the agency achieved key victories, including the recovery of millions of dollars for consumers, investigations culminating in significant financial-fraud cases, the championing of legislation to combat financial fraud against seniors, and launching of the state’s first online filing system for civil rights discrimination complaints. In recognition of his work, Joe was awarded the 2017 “Consumer Protection Award” by the international Council on Licensure, Enforcement and Regulation.

Joe's vision for Colorado and the Nation includes the right to quality healthcare -- which to him means "opposing efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, fighting for the Expanded & Improved Medicare-For-All Act, which would ensure universal healthcare coverage, and fighting to decrease prescription drug costs (for example, by mandating Medicare negotiate prices and enabling importation of prescription drugs from Canada)."