THE DRIVE FOR UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE (DUH) travels across the country to promote and help establish a tax-supported, fully comprehensive, non-discriminatory healthcare system for all residents of the U.S. Here’s a map of purple states where we’ve been (plus Minnesota,  Missouri, and Texas, which are all on our “Wish List”): 

Updated DUH map
The Southeastern Tour
The Southeast held some surprises and the opportunity to make connections with great local advocates who are fighting for their Republican governors to expand Medicaid, as well as pushing state bills and supporting H.R. 676. We were consistently inspired by their dedication!

The tour started in the lovely Eastlake Commons Community in Decatur, GA, near Atlanta. The event was hosted by the wonderful Lisa Parsons and she and her husband Pete also provided lodging for DUH-sters Terry Sterrenberg and Laurie Simons. Pete put on his chef’s hat and cooked two great meals for all of us,as well!  
Lisa and Pete

Lisa and Pete

The crowd included Dr. Neil Shulman, his wife Zoe, and their 8-year-old son Myles, who has already made his mark as an advocate for treating others with respect and acceptance. He brought a copy of his poster book, Make the World Happy!, and he has donated more copies to help raise money for the cause.

Myles and his Dad - activist heroes!

Myles and his Dad – activist heroes!


        From Decatur, we traveled to Savannah, home of healthcare hero Philly Meyers. Not only was Philly the first to donate on a monthly basis, but his tireless efforts resulted in the event happening in an auditorium at Armstrong College; he provided information on train travel to Washington; he’d had buttons made; and he welcomed Laurie and Terry into his home. Though the crowd may have been smaller than we’d hoped, NC activist Leslie Boyd joined us to tell her personal story of losing her son to lack of access to care and the discussion after the screening included viewpoints we hadn’t heard before, which was really helpful for us. The next morning, Philly dropped Terry and Laurie off so we could continue to Columbia, SC. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES           Columbia turned out to be quite a surprise! Donna had warned us that the movie had been shown there to very small audiences without much success. But obviously, for those screenings, Dr. Emilio Perez-Jorge wasn’t on the job! Not only was the crowd at the Unitarian Universalist church there larger than any on the tour, they took full advantage of the wonderful panel Dr. Emilio had organized, asking great questions. There were even some there from other countries who’d experienced universal healthcare and, like the Canadians in the film, loved it. I was honored to be on the panel with Donna Dewitt, president emeritus of the SC AFL-CIO; Neal Jones, pastor of the church where the event took place; Dr. David Keeley, president of PNHP – SC; Dr. Allan Brett, internist and professor at USC; and the courageous David Ball, author of the new singe-payer bill in the SC state legislature. I only wish we’d videotaped it!  

Dr. Emilio Perez-Jorge (far left) moderates questions from the audience.

Dr. Emilio Perez-Jorge (far left) moderates questions from the audience.

Dr. Keeley, Me, Dr. Brett, David Ball

Dr. Keeley, Me, Dr. Brett, David Ball

'I was honored to be a part of the panel in Columbia, SC. Activists Donna Dewitt, president emeritus of the SC AFL-CIO, David Ball, author of the new singe-payer bill in the SC state legislature, Dr. David Keeley, president of PNHP - SC, Dr. Allan Brett, internist and professor at USC, and Neal Jones, pastor of the lovely Unitarian Universalist Church where our DUH event took place were my fellow panelists. Dr. Emilio Perez-Jorge, one of the doctors of Lexington Infectious Diseases, did a marvelous job organizing the evening and acting as MC. The audience of 40-some made for a lively and interesting discussion and we left Columbia wishing they could all be that way!'
Uh-oh, putting a microphone in my hand can be dangerous!

The delight of Columbia was topped off by a marvelous Italian dinner at Il Giorgione, which stayed open late just for Pastor Neil who is a regular there. Best spaghetti carbonera EVER! Next stop, Asheville, NC, home of my spiritual sister and artistic goddess, Lee Anne Smith and former boss and current friend, Luule Vess. The irrepressible Leslie Boyd was our hostess both in Asheville and Charlotte. Lee Anne shot some video (FINALLY! We got something on tape!) and has thankfully agreed to be our videographer at the March, as well as editing footage that’s been sitting around since last year.The clip she shot in Asheville is available at https://youtu.be/ZGI2OblUUfQ - just me on my soap box!

Me and Lee Anne

Me and Lee Anne

Charlotte was pretty much a non-event, with the only audience members being the two folks who came to unlock the church, but it was nice to get to the motel early and regroup for our trip to Raleigh the next day.
Back in Raleigh again – unfortunately, not at the Hilton Garden Inn where Donna and I stayed when we were there for the HKonJ march, but when there was finally a knock on our Best Western room door and Joshua Lowe was standing there, it was the absolute best place we could be! After over two years of emails and phone conversations, I finally got to hug him and, best of all, hear him perform live the songs I love with nothing more than a guitar and a mic, humillity, and joy in the making of music.
I have been captivated by Josh’s beautiful song, Silence Is Consent, since 2012 when I first heard it at the end of The Healthcare Movie. Since then, he’s released his first album, (which I’m proud to say I supported via his IndieGoGo campaign). He is a fabulous musician producing the album, Inimicus, completely on his own, using various technology to make it sound like he had a full orchestra and a rock band behind him! This is his anti-war album and he performed one of the tracks, Need, at the Raleigh event. You can buy the track or the whole album at http://loweboy.bandcamp.com/releases. Silence Is Consent (along with some of his earlier songs) is available at http://www.soundboard.com/sb/joshua121, and the video for it at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhO480lKyiY.
Raleigh was a wonderful place to end the tour, with the beautiful, soaring architecture of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh, the warm welcome of Social Justice Director Ticie Rhodes and her husband Tom, Josh’s music, the good crowd, and the final morning’s breakfast at the charming Big Ed’s (great food and unparalleled decor!)
inside Big Ed

Tom was good enough to take this shot of us by the biggest acorn ever – just a bunch of nuts!

DUH-sters in Raleigh

From there, Josh fired up his van (courtesy of Angel, one of the world’s best bosses, in my opinion!) to return to Virginia, Laurie and Terry flew off to Sacramento to work on their new project about villaging, and Donna and I headed for the nation’s capital and our meeting with the National Park Service about the Healthcare Justice March. 
I admit to having a lump in my throat and dueling theme music (West Wing vs. House of Cards) in my head when I first caught a glimpse of the Washington monument and the Capitol as we drove in from Alexandria.


But the next morning, after our meeting with Marisa Richardson, the Park ranger who has been with us since the first incarnation of DUH back in 2012, it was almost overwhelming as Miles and Ben from National Events, our production company, met us at the site of the pre-March rally, West Potomac Park. This is Ben providing scale – the flock of geese were just curious!


The theme music in my head was replaced by a concrete vision of that field teeming over with people, signs, banners, as well as the mountainous task that lay before us to get them there, to pay for it, to find sponsors who would donate water and other goods and services, volunteers to help direct the crowd, the logistics of parking, transportation, and accessibility, the “talent” and speakers not yet acquired…and then suddenly all that chaos went away and I stood in that field, knowing – not just thinking or believing, but knowing - that no matter how many attended or how all those other things were done, this IS happening. This barren ground is our “field of dreams” and together, we’re building it and the ones who are supposed to be there will come, despite all the reasons the nay-sayers give them for staying home silent, consenting, clinging complacently to the status quo.

In Need, Joshua sings,
“So close your eyes and look inside,
Take a breath and a moment and try to define
What it is you truly need in life,
And in the process, you might find out what you really are.”

Will YOU be there?

Be a part of history!

If you want to know more about the HEALTHCARE JUSTICE MARCH, visit healthcarejusticemarch.org!




DUH is incredibly fortunate to have forged a wonderful alliance with The Healthcare Movie and its creators, Laurie Simons and Terry Sterrenberg. They have made DUH events on our East and West Coast trips fun, well-organized, and successful! We’re all looking forward to the next adventure – a visit to Texas in May.          Terry, Laurie, and Sue         

The costs involved in taking DUH and the movie on our advocacy journeys come out of our own pockets, along with money we raise from various funding efforts and our supporters along the way.  Fundraising for the 2015 demonstration will need to be more successful than ever before – think hospital-bill-sized! PLEASE consider making any donation you can afford! There are many ways to help!

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We CAN do this, but, like true universal healthcare, we need


September, 2013 East Coast Tour