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The next primary coming up is not until August 2, a Thursday, when Marc Whitmire and Steven Reynolds face their opponents in Tennessee.  Marc was the first Republican we endorsed and we so hope he will prevail, along with our progressive Democrat!

Next up on August 7 are Kansas, Missouri Michigan and Washington, followed by Hawaii (Saturday, August 11), and on August 14,  Minnesota, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

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DUH Revokes Jayapal Endorsement

It is with great disappointment and sadness that DUH is revoking the endorsement of Pramila Jayapal for Congress in Washington's 7th Distict. Two things happened yesterday that we feel make this necessary.

First, it was trumpeted that she (with Debbie Dingell and Keith Ellison) would head up the newly formed House Democratic Medicare for All Caucus (http://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/397683-house-dems-launch-medicare-for-all-caucus?utm_source=&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=16898). The integrity and sincerity of this Caucus was questionable at best and now, we simply don't believe it will do anything to move H.R. 676 forward..

Then, also on July 19, Citizen Truth reported that Jayapal chose to endorse Adam Smith in the 9th District over true Progressive Sarah Smith (https://citizentruth.org/jayapal-endorses-opponent-of-fellow-justice-democrat-in-washington-9th/). As a self-professed progressive, why would Jayapal endorse an incumbent whose stand on healthcare, according to his website, consists of gushing about community health centers and "Establishing standards for health insurance policies, creating a system of subsidies to make healthcare more affordable, and providing free preventative healthcare screenings will not only help the approximately 33 million Americans who are currently uninsured, it simply makes good economic sense for all of us," over a Progressive woman (though of course, Emily's List has refused to support ANY Progressive woman, misandric arm of the DNC that it is) who is running ON single-payer healthcare for all, as she says on her website. "Medicare for All is morally and financially, the right thing to do. In the wealthiest nation in the history of the world, we can afford to provide our people with healthcare. We know that the single-payer healthcare systems used in nearly every developed nation on Earth improve health outcomes, reduce administrative burden, and cost less per capita than the system we use now, while providing healthcare to everyone."

Is Jayapal becoming an establishment Democrat who will reap the rewards of medical industry lobbyists in exchange for throwing the very real threat of Sarah under the bus the same way Ellison did to Bernie, we presume in exchange for a made-up position in DNC "leadership?"

According to OpenSecrets.org, Jayapal has already accepted $54,938 from the Health Sector, including $43,973 from health professionals ($8,000 of which was m individuals), and $11,000 from PACs. Adam rakes it in from the defense industry to the tune of $176,551, so his health sector contributions of $12,351 don't come close to Pramila's. Sarah, on the other hand, has raised $46,998 (as of June 30), including $2,700 from Justice Democrats and $1001 from Weyerhauser. The rest comes from the people, so who has the loudest voice with her?

Sarah originally got DUH's endorsement in part for the video she put out explaining how she (and the other new, truly Progressive and third party candidates) were being denied access to crucial voter data that the DNC candidates were supplied with. Her website confirmed that she is one of us. And her personal story about her Dad's healthcare struggles locked it. Plus, Jayapal was one of the two candidates who didn't show up at the People's March for Medicare for All in Tacoma. Sarah was there, as were the other four Washington candidates we've endorsed.

Maybe the Congresswoman just hasn't had time to watch a video or visit Sarah's website to realize what a fierce, determined, committed Representative she would be for the people of the 9th District. We suggest she (and you!) make time.

The fact that Jayapal would engage in this kind of Party betrayal says to us that she could very well do the same to our cause and thus, we no longer endorse her. We realize that DUH is nothing but a speck on the wall compared to the big gun endorsements she's gathered, but perhaps one day she'll realize that you don't stand in the way of a sea change unless you're prepared to go under. DUH will be busy holding up Sarah and the rest of the 82 candidates we've endorsed so far.


Today's Featured Candidate

Ro Khana CA-17

You almost feel sorry for this Fox interviewer as Congressman Khana politely corrects her on her false and misleading propaganda!