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PRIMARY SEASON has begun with one victory and two run-offs among our Texas candidates! Voter turnout was at record levels in Texas - let's keep it that way! Illinois voters failed to show up on March 20, so none of our candidates - or any true progressives - won. We salute them for trying, though, and hope four more years of a billionaire asshole, Republican or Democrat, with failed or NO governing experience but enough money to buy the election is enough for us to learn our lesson.

If any of our almost-100 candidates on these pages are running from your district or state, we encourage you to donate or volunteer to help their campaign. Links to their websites will be included so go there and learn where they stand on issues you care about. This will be an election that we ALL should be involved in, so watch, learn and then ACT! And most of all, SHOW UP AND VOTE!


Madeline Hildebrandt

Madeline or "Mad" as she's called, is running in New Mexico's 2nd District. Born into a large working-class family in 1961, Mad spent her early years in the Denver area, her father working as an auto mechanic, and the family taking in foster children to help care for needy kids. The family then moved to the countryside where they kept a small farm and raised livestock. She was active in 4-H, and has served as an adult 4-H leader. Her upbringing allows her to not simply relate to southern New Mexico’s ‘hardworking people’ but to be one of them.

In her early twenties, Mad enlisted in the US Coast Guard, and served at USCG TRACEN Petaluma as Military Police, then went on to become a Radioman. As a Veteran, and a military spouse, she understands the importance of the uniformed services to the country, and the responsibilities of the country to its Veterans.

Taking advantage of the GI Bill, she received an Associates and a Bachelor’s degree in Individual Studies — History with a concentration in Middle East Terrorism — at Columbia College’s military facility branch on Treasure Island Naval Station, San Francisco. She then attained a Master’s degree in History at San Francisco State University, specializing in Labor History, and went on to earn a PhD in History at the University of Maine. She and her husband settled in Socorro, NM when he retired from the Coast Guard.

Mad has spent the last 18 years as an online History Instructor at Rowan College at Burlington County, a community college in New Jersey. She has also taught in the classroom at various colleges and universities, including Central New Mexico Community College (formerly Albuquerque TVI). She has been active in church, school and community activities in the many locations where she’s lived.

She is fierce in her support of national Medicare for All. "I support Medicare For All. In Congress, I will do everything in my power to address the injustices in our health care system."